LG Kompressor Elite “Something’s Lurking” video

In this whimsically dramatic video Young & Rubicam NY illustrates the dangers of the hidden dirt in homes. The video, which will be used globally, shows unseen threats in carpets and on floors as ominous shark fins close-in on groups of unsuspecting toys. And, the hero? The LG Kompressor Elite.

The agency brief was to create a dramatic story of the dangers of dust in what appears to be a safe environment, and how the LG Kompressor Elite vacuum can help. Young & Rubicam’s print campaign with compressed dust shark fins, and the tagline “Cleans and Compresses Things that are Lurking,” along with a great story about toys left out by kids being threatened by imaginary sharks, drove the creative. The spot pays homage to classic cinematic genres and scenes from shark-related horror movies, with similar camera moves and very filmic lighting, milking the drama as much as possible.

The team consciously chose not to animate the toys, instead posing them on set and recreating some of their different facial expressions to enhance the dramatic moments. Instead, the “action” is in the camera movement, the shark fins, the wake of the carpet, the flying lint and fibers, and the hair and clothing of dolls. By juxtaposing the stillness of the toys to the movement of sharks and the fibers of the carpet, the effect is much more menacing and dramatic.
Credits: www.yr.com
| "">www.lg.com/us/vacuum/index.jsp

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