Let Excellence Be Your Brand (Part 1)

What Is Your Brand?


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The story is told of Steve Jobs entering one conference room and somebody starting some

small talk regarding the weekend & he replying,
 Can we raise the tone of conversation

here? We are barely halfway into 2013 and already, the instructive moments, pressure

& strong reminders to remain true to my values have been overwhelming. Questions,

like: “Who does he/she think he is”, “He/she thinks [they're] better than us” and,

of course, the gotcha, thrive-on-drama/dittoheads' giant cocktail bash whatever

the milieu, all cannot rise above the single noise in our head that matters: The

noise that asks over & over again: Who Am I? What Do I Want? Where Am I

Going? And what would it take to get there? These are the questions I'm

quietly, loudly fueling the unrest within, —any given time. It's the same

disposition behind my Love/Laughter, Quality/People/Performance

and Service paradigm. Zig Ziglar said: “Outstanding people have 1

thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.” So you want to

subscribe to a life of mediocrity & inertia? Go for it. It's your

life. Isn't it? You want to drink/get drunk, do drugs, read or

attempt commenting on every online content while high?

Go for it. But accountable people who stand for civility

and curiosity, ethics and passion for excellence, have

other ideas. To such purpose-driven people, there

just isn't anything fashionable about living life as

if “someday” is a specific day, on the calendar.

They live deliberately knowing that in every

moment, something sacred is at stake”, as

Rabbi Heschel says. Substance/Solutions.

Not gimmickry. Hence the masterkeys

of Excellence, though they go by the

snazzy marketing term: valuable

brand” include Authenticity and

Accountability over platitude,

or pettiness. Hard work and

dedication whatever the

odds. That's what Oprah

Winfrey's  talking about

The question then is:

What's your brand?

And what is the

quality of the

people you

choose to




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