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Study Hong Kong's Biggest Ever Bullion Trading Scam▼740 Companies, $Millions Stolen⬆Smart TVs Are Conduits For Crapware, Tracking, Advertising, Media Sales ▼ Solution 1✔3 CyberSecurity Trends You MUST Know in 2019 ▼ 8 Tips for Monitoring Cloud Security✔The Hacked Youtube Entrepreneur: How Small Business People Can Dodge HackersTake Google's Phishing Quiz ▼ Phishing 2019: New Phishing Techniques & Mitigation✔3 Keys To Raising HR’s IP Theft+Insider Threat IQ▼7 Warning Signs of an Insider Threat✔5 Awesome Work-From-Home Jobs Paying $100,000 ▼ 500+ Ways To Make Money FAST✔Enabling 'God Mode' in Windows 10 ▼ +Beyond Basic Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts✔​Smart TVs Are Dumb: Your TV's Now a Computer But in a Bad Way ▼ Solution 2: Ask Me✔ Expand Your Desktop Real Estate OR Visual Experience: The Best Monitors of 201916 Great Health Benefits of Cucumber▼How To Eat Cheap Fast Food The Healthy Way✔Be it murdered lottery winners, #MowzeyRadio, or this Nigerian migrant who returned broke,

iTHiNKLabs puts useful, prescient, strategic content, often skipped as irrelevant till disaster

strikes at your fingertips. Your loved one may be shot, your business hacked or like Africans

wandering right into the Libyan Slave Trade clueless, suffer for failing to connect the dots.

Although they think they are informed, people live in a Filter Bubble unawares. And then

when disaster strikes them personally, their loved ones, business or even their country,

they ask how come no one warned them. iTHiNKLabs readers are smarter than that.

Because they mitigate risk, bolster decision-making, avoid bad decisions, go from

one good choice or move to another, and enjoy life by opting to stay informed.

Delivered once a week, the iTHiNKLabs newsletter was for years exclusively

emailed to prominent contacts and intellectually curious global friends —

privately on weekends. Part of the wider iTHiNKLabs Research Project

covering the waterfront—from Business and Startups, Risk, Security,

Technology, Science to Career, Success, Health and even Comedy

—the 11 or less curated weekly topics helps strategic thinkers

fill gaps in Strategic Acumen, and enrich. In the age of the

Brain Hack many indulge, thinking they are wired, when

in fact their Social Media, Tech, nonfiction or fiction,

local, Trump or Fox News fixation or readership is

dangerously rendering them ignorant, if not 1-

dimensional. iTHiNKLabs cuts out the noise

to serve high quality, fact-based content

from a pragmatist and strategist that

forewarns, prepares and helps one

mitigate risk, avoid fatalities &

enhance their quality of life,

or business while elevating

Leadership Acumen. For

consultation, use the

contact form here.

Or, simply engage

or follow me on

Twitter. What-

ever you do,




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LEONARDO BASILE shared their event on Twitter

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