...Aw well,planning to record an album and getting a strong cold because of stress, isnt very nice.
This holliday, i was at my family's mountain house,was wonderfull to be with my parents and gramma, the nature and my sweeties, 3 german shepards( Joe Pass,BB king,Nina Simone). The best, BEST consolation was my Anne Rice's book ( had to be) cuz,painting No way with this cold "coff coff and aatchooo series".,staying outside the house at night, no way.
Yesterday i HAD to draw something and i did with pastels and was a beautifull night with a bit coff coff ...Im better though
Talking like that sounds a bit miserable, but it wasnt. The book became my passion, i couldnt stay away
the name is Blackwood Farm.
And the other book that i bought,Anne R. (The Body Thief) planning to read b4 this one, OF COURSE arrived the day after i went to the mountain house BUUTTT BLACKWOOD FARM IS EVERYTHING
i am totally in love.
...now..i must celebrate...with my light coke and my cigaret... happy chocolate!

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Comment by Inês de Soll on July 27, 2010 at 10:05am
No i have not. Do you have them?
Comment by Alexander Djauhari on July 27, 2010 at 5:01am
Ines, Have you read letters of Vincent Van Gogh?


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