It just feels good to be in the country and witness something like the last presidential election. I feel it does in many ways shut up the ongoing criticism to my generation. I often hear the term, "coca-cola" generation when to referred to by my elders. It's the "care free, opinion free generation," as they say. I was very proud to see the youth of this country standing up for something they believed in. I felt proud to be here and to be a part of it. We, as a nation, have brought great change upon ourselves. We are in a time of war, we are in a time of economic crisis, we are in a time of civil issues, and we are speaking up. It feels great to have a voice and to express myself. My optimism is strong but it is not blind to the reality of today's world. Change, in any form, takes time. It takes work. Our president is an icon of this change, he represents the hope of a better tomorrow. We, as a people, need to do our part. For the past 2 years I have been involved with issues such as AIDS, genocide, civil liberties, education, and health care. I have been involved in my own ways, trying to change things for a few my hands can reach. I hope to continue doing so. It just feels so good to be here, now, and to have hope and faith once more. It just feels good. :)

To celebrate I will stuff my face with not one, but TWO bags of Peperidge Farm's Goldfish (Cheddar Flavor). ;)

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