Quest for Ultimate Meaning in Life Series

FLASH PLAYER REQUIRED TO LISTEN TO CONTENT PLAYINGHave you ever been cheated? Ever been promised one thing by a salesperson only to

be told later on that YOU misunderstood the terms of the transaction and that your

money was nonrefundable? A Security Deposit incident perhaps? And how did that

make you feel? Being on the receiving end of others' word games and disingenuous

scheme demonology is rarely fun, right? Same reason many simply dismiss lawyers

as pedlars of words. Human beings are wired to expect, and indeed, depend, on a

a high degree of predictability, order, coherence and culture just to get by. And

that is why regardless how good the phrase, “It's all relative” sounds, normal

rational human beings begin to feel cheated, disillusioned and increasingly

empty in an increasingly secular age like ours in which many have been

duped into discontentment. How? By being fed the narrative & sadly

believing, that there is “no meaning, no God, no moral law

and therefore no hope.” Adolf Hitler's famous plan to raise,

as he himself put it, “a generation of young people devoid of

a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel”, didn't quite

end well. Did it? Show me a man's worldview, and I'll

tell you how much evil or destruction he's capable

of if given the power to do whatever he wants.

Somebody once barked on 1 of my Marriage

in China series declaring that we are all

just animals with a brain.Seemingly

harmless & googleable phrase until

you stop and consider its moral

implications. I've seen people

comment on/like others'

post and quickly disown

their previous moral

stance, just to be

in the in-crowd.

What do you


stand for?

And why

? ? ? ?

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