International Haiku: A PAPERBOAT TO MATSUYAMA (Satis Shroff)

Haiku International (Satis Shroff)



Paper boat in the Bächle

Sails jauntily

To Matsuyama harbour


* * *

Spring awakens my garden tree

After the flowers come the apples

The birds pick the juicy harvest.


* * *

My pastime is to write

Words without rhyme

Prosepoems in the making


* * *

I'm true to Haiku,

Loath rhythm n' blues

Anything doesn't do.


* * *

I stay in my sphere

Dream of cherry blossoms

And a blonde in kimono.


* * *

Lights flicker in Mahabharat mountains

The air smells of rhododendrons

The splendour of the Himalayas.


* * *

The fishtailed one appears

Gleaming in silvery moonshine

Mirrored on placid Phewa lake.

* * *

Winter is here

The magic of snowy landscape

Out with the snowboots.


* * *

Snowflakes falling from Heaven

Frau Holle is dusting blankets

Gott sei Dank my heater works

* * *

Clouds waltz in the sky

Men are out to die

Killing fields of Ukraine.


* * *

Sudden monsoon rain

Soaks the mountainside

A landslide causes screams of agony.


* * *

Baptism of monsoon

A landslide washed the road away

Groping and cursing uphill as a child.


* * *

Waking up in bed alone

A sweet dream with a nymph

O youth!

* * *

An evening at Waldsee

I look at your deep blue eyes

Two swans in the water touch their beaks.


** *

The large ice chunks leap

Crash upon the fragile tents

The base camp's a crevice.

* * *

Sweet lips like lavender

The intoxication sweeps over me

I'm afire with ecstasy.


* * *

Snow in my tent


Tremor in my heart


* * *

It's April

The air is getting thinner

Avalanche growls.


* * *


The Alsatian's muzzle

Sniffs and buries deep

A hand is uncovered.

* * *

The black cat prowls at night

A long day of napping

Lied ahead.

* * *

Beneath my tree's sombrero

I sit and sip

My cuppa Darjeeling

* * *

Come Fall the leaves change

From green, yellow to scarlet

The wind drives me inside.


* * *

Lovely lavender blue

The splendour of your hue

Has, alas, vanished with Autumn.


* * *


Sweet Burgunder grapes

I shared them with blackbirds

In my Schwarzwald garden.

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