Indian Water Color Wash technique Immersion with Master Dutch artist Pieter Weltevrede

We just finished an incredible 5 day immersion with master Dutch artist Pieter Weltevrede to learn the rarely taught Water color wash technique. See the photos as just a few examples of his latest works. These are water colors, folks. No other technique in the world can illicit this level of depth, detail and realism in water color. This was taught to Pieter Weltevrede by his now deceased teacher, Harish Johari, who was a renowned author, sculptor, painter and teacher of ayurvedic priniciples and tantric meditation techniques. True tantra is a holistic approach to study the Universal from the point of view of the individual.
We were blessed with incredibly warm and sunny weather in South Seattle at the ShangriLa Dharma Center in mid November. web site here:
The Sacred Arts foundation was formed to host workshops such as this, to give living wages to the teachers and provide a means for Sacred Art to be taught to the public, document these ancient techniques and the modern innovations by its pioneers, create a library of this documentation, support artist's in residence, and develop programs that teach Vedic Math and Vedic square mandalas to children.
All of the paintings in the photos are those of Pieter Weltevrede, except for the child birth yantra in black and gold, which is by Mavis Gewant of New York state. Mavis is also a student of Harish Johari and is a sacred artist, doula and birth educator.
please see for more information or contact me if you would like more information on Pieter Weltevrede or this incredible Indian wash technique.

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