In An Age of Flux Be Grateful for the Opportunity

So Why Are You Here?


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This is how I see it: You have an opportunity. Not a Social Media account. The avatar is

an opportunity. Not an entitlement. Your free web based email (Google, Microsoft or if

you like, Yahoo) is not an entitlement. It's an opportunity. Your personal or office com-

puting or mobile device too, represents an opportunity. Not an entitlement. It makes

no difference whether you worked hard, and earned the money to own those things.

Even your job represents an opportunity. Not an entitlement. Think about it. Abduc-

ted Japanese and South Koreans who suddenly found themselves in North Korea, or

African and Asian migrant workers recruited under false pretenses and turned into

sex workers agree. One moment you have all limbs or senses accounted for. And

the next, a catastrophe or unforeseen mishap robs you of all you once took for

granted. Seemingly here to stay, one moment, a favorite destination, video,

blog, photo, website or platform appears immortal. The next, it's gone. So

is the fate of loved ones. Right? Or those we at first consider expendable

or random. Strangers who mean nothing. Right? Well, not quite. In my

last blog, I quietly tucked a gift—as I usually do—behind the cover. It's

a free e-book. Now, why would I do that, you wonder? For the same

reason “Opportunity”, as Thomas Edison aptly observed, is missed

by most people because it comes dressed in overalls & looks like

work”. For the same reason it's better to hide money or pearls

amidst the tedium of boredom or any semblance of it. Image

is nothing. But sophisticated, curious minds appreciate that

often, behind the façade of difficulty or façade of pretty;

of easy, perfect or the alluring, is a richer untold story.

As it is with the stranger who is never asked, so it is,

for the question that is never raised for lack both of

humility or communication skills clouded by the in-

ability to surrender ego and proclivity for making

wild assumptions. I was supposed to give a talk

on Practical Issues in Strategic Social Networ-

king: Personal Branding, Privacy & Security

& Doing Important Work. Issues of how to

leverage your blog/Social Media to job

or career opportunities & strategically

oriented artists' techniques to avoid

distraction and produce top notch

content that is worthy of being

curated. I have new responsi-

bilities to attend to so I've

cancelled that event. But

divergent thinkers like

positive eyeballs are

authentically open

to the questions:

What's the best

way to avoid

wasting time

and simply

do great'


Strategic Social Networking: Optimize the Opportunity

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The Quiet Storm Series

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