Sometimes the Nuts are the Best Part

Jeffrey Adam

Sent : Brooklyartproject.com
March 2012


Enclosed comes a miracle that rocks

A little boy who starts out small
Just add your sunshine, your magic, your voice, your call

He’ll arrive in the midst of a storm

Wrapped in life’s caramel

A heavenly scent

Elusive to most

Magnetically drawn

Drowning in a box of caramel popcorn and presents

Drowning in nuts

Sweet candy chum

Swedish fish…..yum!


As you, with your diamonds and rubies standing  in the crashing waves

Screaming and yelling…hey up there…yeah you….get bent!
This is what you send me!!

Should I cry or repent?

Is this a beginning, my encore!

A fed Ex delivery from the school of hard knox

A candy gram covered in sugar, packed in nuts?


Songs of Sirens whisked him East and West

Coast to coast

Trapped in a box

A victim of the wind

Unsure where he’s been

Unsure what’s next!


For the oceans mind is unsettled

Angry in its depths…vicious and lost

Just  a little boy in a cracker jack box searching for a treat, while getting thrown and tossed

Not aware..where the ocean rows…where he is and where he goes!

For only the sea  knows that he’s drifting  in an ocean of sweet, sweet smells

For only the ocean knows that he rides on a wave towards a beautiful hunger

Towards angelic bells!

Towards romantic thunder!


Your spirit screamed out

And the gods heard your shouts
You stand in this unyielding,  turbulent mist

Waves crash around you

Angry and pissed!

Step back

There’s something a float, adrift

You squint and push the hair from your face

As the box at your feet…floats serenely

And comes to a stop…Grab your rod, catch it…..hippity hop !

Through the clearing clouds and the peering sun

Something else Is flying like a bird

Twisting like a top

You stand bare foot and stare..do I dare!

Dancing in the wind….as the message without a bottle lands softly on  your sandy toes

The wind has sent a message for you

Don’t fret,  just read….and see whatcha  get

It’s folded in half and says only open

Or how can one tell…after a tour through hell

This here in the box was built for you…it’s self working…..it’s c oo coo ca choo

As he strengthens, as days pass..

Don’t worry about what he can take

He’s flesh and steel

Not a wick, not wax…so he won’t melt  Sad face,



Fits for you..all the right dimensions

A breathing toy, a gifted invention

Geared to care,

To give you hope

To ease your tensions

To turn him on

Spank  his bottom

Squeeze his hand

Heart beating, a melodic man…scit, scat, wah…understand!

Ten fingers, ten toes

His eyes opening
A stretch and a look

And all of a sudden something that seemed so difficult

When the sight of you is all it took!


Built to handle

Tamara’s highs and her lows!
Built like a fort to surround her yesterdays woes!


Then just step back, water and wait

Watch as he fuses and mends to you
Shattered glass, shattered gate


So easily he mends to you

With butterflies in his heart

And with no debate!

A rose for you! A brand new start!


You are one of the lucky ones

One of the few

Because this edition was customized..exclusively built for two

He ‘s the first design of his kind

A first edition model

Not built for one, but a pair…built for two

Sad face….smile…..he was built for you!


A customized gift made exclusively to fit

Try him on, turn around
The miracle mechanics customized him and tricked him out

Go ahead…take him for a spin….rev that engine…0 to 90 in just a whim!

True, sincere…. think happily…where have you been?


If you touch him he’ll feel

If you hurt him, he’ll heal


Feed him with all that you can

Squeeze him tight and he’ll hold you just right


He hungers for music, knowledge and adventure

When the time comes, he will need more than the materialistic

He will need a lady…he will need a hand, a muse….a mystic!

Your hunger…your might!
What a gift you are….what a sight!

A type of hunger, a thirst, an angelic woman….a beautiful first!

To be taught right, he must bow to your powers, he must taste your thirst!

He must tremble at your beauty, and tremble at your light

Then all you have given,  all that you know

All of your strength and beauty will fill you

As the sheared glass falling from the sky bounce off like snowflakes

As the past and present tears begin to dry

You’ll think how this was a god send

A lifesaver…a bargain

A self winding man who sees within

A self winding man who wants you to begin!


A present in a box
Fuck it Tamara

We can open those locks!

A present in a box

Relax sweet face

Cracker Jacks rocks!!!

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Comment by Mercado on March 20, 2012 at 8:13pm

I think I understand about the ballpen but not about the Hen 


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