Advanced Personal Leadership Series 122aIf 2017 was exhausting, unlucky, even surreal for you, take heart. You're not alone. A lot of

folks I've been talking to are secretly struggling. Powerless, and caught up in the chaos of

others' politics, geopolitics and business decisions, even one CEO who was doing pretty

well one moment has gone underground. For me, 2017 was the year I firmly decided

what I'm done with. You want to know, don't you? Too bad. This is not that kind of

blog. The list from such insights is personal and may never be published. But if

motivated, you could, for your personal development and growth build your

own. Be it a manifesto printed in ink, erasable markers, gel pens; pencil.

Just be careful to not end up with a hate list. A Customer hate list, for

example can help entrepreneurs abandon bad practices and elevate

their Customer Satisfaction, or Customer Experience game. What

a self-obsessed, ungrateful hate or “through list” does not do,

by contrast, is force progress by making people realistically

assess what isn't working. And it's that responsibility and

decisive, proportionate mental & physical effort that

changes one's fortune. Not New Year's resolutions.

Not pious devotion, or even prayer and fasting.

Be it relationship or career hardship, do not

fail because you lack the courage to quit

what others more successful than you

would have, ages ago. Like people

filled to the brim with excuses;

always in a hurry to move on

without confronting how &

why they failed. Listen!

Learn. Don't tolerate

repressive nations,


as “normal” IF


destiny is

vital to

YOU!Images Hyperlinked

Winter 2017 Theme: Failure Postmortem | How To Get Your Act Together (17)




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