From Immigrant & Successful To 1st Generation Multi Billionaires

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○ ○ ○The hardest thing about the grind is when everything you put great work into, appears to fall

through. When, no matter how many billion contacts you've made, everybody 'appears' to be

ignoring you. When your family, and even your best friends visibly begin losing patience and

respect for you. BUT, before you feel vindicated by a 30 minute motivational video, it pays

to temper unjustified vindications, —and I'm talking to youths in particular. At the time of

writing, an unemployed 22-year-old gym rat with a Computer Science degree, and dead-

beat Dad; living cramped in a 2-bedroom flat in Europe with 7 relatives is driving every

body else nuts. He graduated two years ago, pays no rent, utilities, nor does he make

any meaningful contribution to food. At the top of his weekly priorities: Not missing

gym, spending a fortune commuting to a weekend part-time job on the other side

of town, and “looking for a job” by releasing less CVs/resumés in one week than

I did in one sitting, under 1hour (minimum, 289) as a struggling but very driven

near full-time college student working full-time as a Tech professional. I was,

at this time in my life, often just a paycheck or two from homelessness. My

financial responsibilities, albeit a single man with no children, enormous.

The young man by contrast has ignored or passed over every suggestion,

advice or opportunity offered him. Including paid tech training. Some-

thing bona fide techies would die for. Indeed I spent a fortune in the

past on training precisely because I had no corporate sponsors and

didn't know better. Those who know better begin first by getting

their priorities right. They get their mindset and environments

right. This raises their standards, elevates their perspective,

ensures good judgment calls and squandering opportunities

become an allergy. The determined immigrant we idolize

outperform everybody else because they have their act

together. The privileged White EU or U.S. Citizen, the

Black or Asian youth, man or woman with supportive

relatives or overly protective family criticizing one

for not being responsible, whatever box you tick,

you likely have a head start against immigrants

or neighbors with 0 family or social safety net

can claim. Many of these people and it helps

to find and befriend one, have nothing, and

no one to fallback on. Their predicaments

and life circumstances easily expose you

as possibly a self-obsessive, ungrateful

brat who's unaware of just how much

you have going for you compared to

the decks stacked against them. A

masterpiece is never created by

spectators, consumers  or folks

with resolutions and excuses.

The real work that gets you

taken seriously is ruthless

yet rewarding. Solitary,

yet ultimately unlocks

doors of greatness &

a world stage such

as Elon Musk and

Jack Ma, and if

you like even

Trevor Noah

enjoy. Go

get 'em

○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○

How To Get Your Act Together (7) Advanced Personal Leadership Series 110




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