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If not committed to sophisticated paranoia — always in learning mode — plugging holes in your

Self Defense, Situational Awareness, Physical, Digital/Social Media Security, you could find, as

one hacker did (click/tap image above) in Part 1, that taking OPSEC lightly, can be deadly. On

the one hand: “Paranoia is a skill. The secret to longevity.” And yet, advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its weaponization, is likely to render OPSEC impracticable, as full-spectrum

dominance comes to mass hi-tech surveillance in Orwellian police states, like China. It's hard

enough for most people to blend in, as former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez'd confirm.

And while I don't offer advanced personal security or OPSEC expertise for free, I'm happy to

help motivated prospects, or clients. Enhanced de-anonymization and forced DNA or organ

harvesting in China aside, DNA privacy generally speaking is now dead as law enforcement

exploits genealogy data to match suspects' DNA. So while high Strategic Deception IQ may

help, really good OPSEC begins with getting one's Advanced Privacy IQ down to a science,

Meanwhile, Bitcoin OPSEC in the free world, is as porous as it is in China. Plus, seasoned

hackers who ignore cyber security fundamentals as we've seen time & again open them

-selves to enemy exploits, law enforcement traps, Phishing/SpearphishingSMiShing &

Catfishing as well as costly malicious sophisticated BEC (Business Email Compromise)

scams and fraud, that gets CEOs fired. Bad Compartmentation meanwhile, exposed

FBI Director James Comey.  By contrast, Good OPSEC enabled Russia to weaponize

Social Media in tilting the 2016 U.S. Election. Good OPSEC will prevent you from

communicating with and giving contact details to people with bad judgment or

from doing or saying something dangerously, or irreparably stupid. Encrypted

email, chat, Data SecurityHome Security & IoT Security acumen included.

Good OPSEC adapts to this virtual Panopticon we live in. That Anonymity

is like a Chinese counterfeit product: better sold for business gain than

used. As for Tor? Complicated but put simply, don't trust it. If you're a

journalist, activist, lawyer, senior exec, celebrity, company, or just

an average Joe or Jane, don't be naive. Be threat smart. Don't go

slapping your real name especially as it appears on passport or

other official documents/credit cards everywhere. Although

Grugq in Part 1's right about powerful nation-states having

the resources to get you if really determined, reading up

on Privacy, SecurityDigital Forensics; otherwise invest

-ing in your own security will teach how to think and

live like a situationally aware 007 or Jason Bourne

knowing where every camera is upon entering a

place or in real life as elusive as Mayweather,

— evading detection, law enforcement; and

practicing top-notch Account Security and

Twitter Security for activists/HNWI/HVT.

High net worth individuals & high value

targets that is. Plus, Responsible Use.

In the Age of the Leak, OPSEC's also

about not being on tape or letting

hacked IoT devices eavesdrop or

data farmers/advertisers track

you. OPSEC is not just about

encrypted communications

but about TNO (Trust No

One), need-based Zero

Trust, Access Gover-

ance & discipline.

Your smartphone

is surveillance-

friendly. Less

tech & apps

makes you



○ ○ ○

Biometrics, Facial Recognition & The Battle Against Hi-Tech SurveillanceThreat Smart Series

(Social Media)


○ ○ ○Stay vigilant & smart. There's better security through paranoia!PEACE



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