How To DODGE The Ransomware Epidemic

Threat Smart V: Crypto Ransomware Mitigation & Remediation

AUDIO CONTENT PLAYING. IMAGES BELOW HYPERLINKED WITH SOLUTIONS & INFO. Keep unused devices disconnected. Segment network. Shun IoT bandwagon & be click averse

Email/web. Religiously Backup data+Patch or AVOID Adobe Flash. Get Anti-Ransomware Boot

scan often. Get next-gen CyberSecurity/AV. And habitually encrypt as insurance against nasty

data leaks/dumps. Backups have their limits. Security really is very difficult & porous. Think

embedded device security. The Security Industry's infamous “professional” hacking group—

Hacking Team—knew security inside out, or so we thought. And yet they got pwned. PCAP

won't prevent data dumps & reputational damage! And as being off the grid isn't feasible,

you have to invest time and requisite resources in understanding, constantly reviewing,

and (re)evaluating your Risk Appetite. Email, as evidenced by callers' horror stories in

this blog's feature (audio playing) is a common attack vector. Question: How devoted

& well-trained are you and your home users/staff to maintaining a habit perpetual

suspicion online. All emails with links+attachments, be they Word docs, PDF, RTF,

Zip or image files all of which can be weaponized with malicious code, must be

be viewed with suspicion. For those in the habit of surfing banner ad-infested

shady sites for cute photos, funny cats/dogs, or dancing pig memes/videos,

porn or cracks, the party's over. You're better off investing that time read

-ing up on Malvertising and installing Blur, UBlock Origin, Privacy Badger,

plus HTTPS-Everywhere, instead. Plus, enhancing your Wi-Fi Security.

Returning to Email Security, reactive, trigger-happy email habits of

the past is the easiest way to get infected. ABSOLUTELY learn to

be click averse! Best, treat Social Engineering, Spear phishing

and Phishing like a newly released, must-read, must-have or

must-see or hear trilogy, anthology, movie, video game or

TV series. And YOU—are that fanatical fan. Now go mad!

Ransomware is the proven new get-rich-quick scheme

for cybercriminals. 83% of extortion cyberattacks in

2015 came via Crypto-Ransomware. And 44% of UK

victims  pony  up. Hollywood  Presbyterian Medi-

-cal Center lost 10 days of downtime as Apple

users infected were reminded a PC/device

that isn't sufficiently locked down & fully

patched with good security, including

AV/Ad-Blockers, downloading reck-

lessly from compromised sources

is 1 way to get infected. Have

a PC/device used solely for

web browsing with data

you don't mind losing

& backup twice or

weekly to other


storage. So

trust not


○ ○ ○

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IBM Ransomware Incident Response Guide Above+Click Below




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