Self Doubt, Indecision, Procrastination & The 5 Second Rule

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Self-obsession is killing people, destroying dreams or stunting the growth of those unprepared

to be honest with themselves and BE the change. It is wasting precious time of people making

the mistake of thinking a self-obsessed person they care about really want change. Get away

right now from self-obsessed people. From the sort Tony Robbins talks about in this video to

those fitting this particular profile. Self-obsessed adults don't get it. Don't know they don't

get it. And because of their lack of perspective plus unhealthy ego, their only concern is

their own voice, their own answers to questions they themselves ask(ed) and their own

twist to the solutions to problems plaguing them. Solutions they themselves solicited.

I recently terminated a Skype conversation with a self-obsessed person who wanted

my counsel, wanted to buy a Tony Robbins book for career development, has been

for years precisely where and what Mel Robbins and Co. address above. And yet,

dismissed their — and my — advice, as “theory” after two hours. Steve Barlett,

Owen Cook, Joshua Fields Millburn, Tom Bilyeu, Ryan Holiday, Lewis Howes —

all successful & established entrepreneurs often, merely echo the 99% rule.

Same rule — and more, that ungrateful or self-obsessed people ridicule to

trust in the “practical” — that propelled all legendary athletes, business

people and world leaders you can name to greatness. Mental fortitude

is ultimately what we're striving for! And only an average Joe or Jane

who doesn't have their act together & therefore is clueless, takes it

for granted that they can just get up and achieve success without

the discipline to act, suppress hesitation & beat procrastination.

Just because of a book they can afford, or privilege they enjoy

unawares. If you're struggling with self doubt, and any of the

above — don't we all — and need help, Rule ① is: DON'T BE

self-obsessed. Because self-obsession breeds ingratitude

and a sense of entitlement, which rubs principled folks

preoccupied with grown-up priorities the wrong way.

Here's someone who actually owns Stephen Covey's

7 Habits of Highly Effective People & yet is a bad

listener who frustratingly bangs on a desk when

reminded of the Plutarch quote here. Why all

this matters? Same reason Dr. Myles Munroe

said: “Where purpose is not known, abuse

is inevitable.” Similarly, friendships, and

high quality content designed to help

us move the needle will be taken for

granted over a long period of time

due to a Loserville/self-obsessed

ingratus mindset. 1minute here

1, 2, even 12 hours there, and

before you know it, wasting

busy people's time is your

reputation. Such a toxic

tradecraft. Aggregate

decisions determine

our legacy. So, let

humility, ACTION

& selfless goals

NOT ego take

center stage

& keep you

ON Track,

lest you

l o s e

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