High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (4d)

Quality, People, Performance, —Job, Done.


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Some, call it perfectionism. For me, it is a predisposition to do things right and to always

over-deliver irregardless of who is watching. This is the first dimension in my pursuit of

quality, slick professionalism & elegance of the highest standard. It just so happens the

performance dynamic churns, and practically speaking, acts as a centrifuge insisting

on, and separating all that is unlike professionalism, discipline & integrity needed

for building, connecting & designing things that matter. I'm never obsessed with

the technology at my disposal. Underachieving “professionals”, environments

or people who give me a billion reasons why something is impossible often

lose my respect. My predisposition is to deliberately & meticulously work

with whatever is available with a strategic view to positively affecting

& enriching the human experience. In other words, whether you call

them, people, clients, customers or prospects, the process, as seen

for example, in the Rolex video, of delivering quality service is

multi-dimensional, technical, and creative. And crucially, the

focus, forethought, and strategizing involved in getting the

job done runs quite deep. It cannot be misrepresented.

Nor can it be successfully faked. The reason being that

quality, is a stupendously laborious practice that few

copycat organizations or inauthentic and folks can

sustain. There're lots of shoddy products on the

market based on inferior workmanship. Poor

to horrendous customer experience design

& service delivery resulting from poorly

trained staff, among other things. Yet

social responsible leadership such

as HP's infra, Apple or Amazon's,

hire/work Experience Design

into their culture, products

and brand. And that's the


of building things or

doing work which

has measurable

I M P A C T.


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Like anything else of consequence, you can't discuss professionalism in any environment where there is no psychological safety; where civility is not valued, where emotions easily run high, and where truth is tiptoed around like an adulterous milkman and others lay in ambush to misinterpret, purposely misconstrue or catastrophize what is said for personal gain. And we also already addressed the fact that 
professionalism isn't about how loud one is either.

Like leadership, professionalism is not a position but a constantly evolving yet consistently positive set of qualities seen through the prism of habits and skills that one commits to honing over a lifetime. And it almost always beautifully complements their passion and purpose.

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Why then, is it important to understand
 words like
 honesty and 
integrity aren't just fine words? That professionalism isn't a coat of pretense you put on to suit an occasion and take off when it suits you? Sure, you can play the game. But that makes you fake, which reminds me of a call I received from a woman claiming to work for the Shanghai branch of architecture giant SOM (Skidmore, Owing & Merrill). She was articulate but throughout the conversation I was a little taken aback by the verbose, self-assured promises, professions and affirmations she kept making in the name of the organization. As quickly as she appeared on my (telephone and e-mail) radar, she was 'gone with the wind'. And there was no professional acknowledgement when we attempted ensuring she had everything she'd previously requested.

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Here, you have both discourtesy and failure of accountability that otherwise wouldn't be tolerated from a corporate executive working for the U.S. arm of the same organization. And so, I once told a Chinese Mainlander: finding professionalism here in China is a rarity although occasionally, I catch a glimpse. And it makes no difference whether it's an MNC based in Shanghai or Beijing. Personally though, I don't believe China is currently culturally wired for the kind of professionalism you crave. And I say that with tremendous humility and respect. That's what I say.

 is all about speaking the truth without calculating or factoring in consequences, rewards, or risks.
 Not to be confused with Honesty, Integrity, which we discussed in both 
4a and 4b of this Series and as you'll see below: is one of the
 3 Core Values of the United Nations. It is derived from a person or organization's (moral) code of honor and/or (professional) ethics below which they resolve to never stoop, lest they compromise, devalue, debase or jeopardize their identity, dignity, mission and/or vision.

For example, fact: I work only for certain organizations sharing my values and have resigned from a company where a "supervisor" physically threatened and verbally abused me among a litany of professional improprieties and violations (listed under 3 Core Values below). Fact: Professionalism is a primary reason for moderating my web content. Others include the expectation of
 civility, maturity, 
good/positive humor or 
camaraderie and constructive (not destructive) criticism. That, and nothing less. All unauthentic ("gotcha-type") communication attempts are filtered out so that the humanity, dignity and importantly productivity (including the more important priorities or direction/goals) of the individual, artist or visitor on the other side of the pixel is preserved, as is the positive energy or narrative they're trying to put out.

And why?

Well, Hans Hofmann encapsulates the underlying 
purpose-driven aim 
 The ability to simplify means eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak.

The United Nations doesn't believe in the fallacious notion of "respect must be earned".

Neither do I.

When you begin with unconditional respect for humanity or an employee, you have a better chance of exciting passion in your employees or people you come into contact with; achieving productivity, high performance on the scale of companies on the Fortune 500 or 'Most Admired' list, say. And lasting human relations and cooperation which happens to be a by-product of 
mutual understanding 
is also realized. the values that foster peace, whatever the context.

As the Indian Proverb goes: There is no point in cutting off a person's nose and then giving them a rose to smell” which is the problem with all things unauthentic or disrespectful.

Now to the selective and partial eye/conscience: notice what follows doesn't say "treats people we like, favor or drink beer with" but
 ALL. And now the
 3 Core Values of the United Nations followed by CoreCompetencies on which the foregoing habits, skills and qualities (esp, Professionalism) rest

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 is all about readily observable and consistent behaviors and attitudes that form the basis of a person's character and in turn drives their high standard of performance. Moreover, that standard isn't just pulled out of thin air, hence the relevance of Henry Ward Beecher's exhortation:
 Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”

You cannot just go from nothing to something. And businesses, high performers and the United Nations recognize this. That is why we have 
Core Competencies.

○ ○ ○Words and phrases often used to describe the Consummate Professional

How To Be Smart And Retain Your Top Talent

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