High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (3i)

2013 Best, Coolest & Greenest Global Brands


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So, what is COOL? Aston Martin fan, or not. Who is, and how many are trying so hard to copy

you? What is your organization's current innovation trajectory? Green? And more crucially: Do

you offer an experience, luxury, functionality, performance, impeccable attention to detail;

beautiful, elegant design and proportions so pleasantly immersive, captivating or authentic

that a feeling of trust & expectation emerges & spreads. A story, not just of the relevance

of your product or service, but expected value and implicit emotional connection every

new or existing customer knows to expect from your brand. That is the character and

flavor that differentiates your brand from the competition, making it as seductive

as Aston Martin (#2 on Top 20 CoolBrands® UK ranking), Rolex, or Apple, which

finally knocked Coca Cola off the top spot it held for years on Interbrand's '13

rankings. Green technology disruptive innovation meanwhile has emerged

as a strategic way for industry movers, shakers & risk takers on the 2013

Best Global Brands list (see image below) to position & develop their

brands, old and new alike. And while some would correctly argue 50

best green brands is telling only half of the story, I not only concur

but personally wish organizations like the Shaklee Corporation

were among a Top 100, not 50, green list. The project, which

began in 1956, is the “first company in the world to obtain

Climate Neutral certification and totally offset its C02 e-

missions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environ

-ment.” The breakthroughs mainstream organizations

like Toyota, Ford, and the rest are, in many cases,

collaborating to champion are all commendable.

But ultimately, I believe organizations that do

break through and rise above the noise in a

world of many copycats, achieve Top-of

-mind presence and brand leadership

by hiring & properly managing their

“creatives”/designers: people who

know what emotionally connects

with consumers & niche clients;

Localization and flexibility,

plus relentless innovation

à la Samsung...Or, is it

imitation? Focusing

on your competitor

is the best way to

be average and

bland out like



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○ ○ ○The Fine Art of Brand Differentiation

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