'High Definition' Strategic Marriage & Relationship Values (3)

How The Lovings Protected Their Relationship

Images HyperlinkedIt has always been a feature of the human condition. Wherever you find yourself, there'll

always those presuming to know what is best for you. But then how does one set out to

change or confront mindsets of interference in others' harmless pursuits of happiness,

others' aspirations; willful violations of basic dignity? Because even folks who live

their lives according to the proposition, I'm simple, why does everything else

have to be complicated?”/I just want a simple life”, occasionally discover

through harsh reality the essence of the ancient Egyptian proverb, Peace

is the fruit of activity, not of sleep”. In order to attain the happiness &

peace from simple living that Mildred & Richard Loving craved, they

had to stand fight miscegenation laws. Specifically, Virginia State

code affirming that If any white person & colored person shall

go out of this State, for the purpose of being married...with

the intention of returning, and be married...return...reside

in it, cohabiting as man and wife, they shall be punished.

The fact of their cohabitation here as man & wife shall

be evidence of their marriage.” Certainly, marrying

in 1958 when Mildred was 18 and Richard was 24,

the couple, who grew up SE of Fredericksburg,

Caroline County,  could have decided it just

wasn't worth it, given the preponderance

of racism and impact on the simplicity

they  sought. “I knew,  Mrs. Loving

later reflected, “but...didn’t rea

-lize how bad it really was until

we got married”. Their story,

their commitment to each

other, indeed their true

love for each other is

powerful reminder

of the toxicity of

racism and the

need to wipe

it off planet

Earth, for-

ever! So,

go & do

y o u r

B I T!

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