Hi everyone at Brooklyn Art Project,

It's great to be back among you all! First time round I never did properly get into what this community can offer, but I want to act differently now. The first thing a 'newbie' like me notices is the response and welcome all you guys offer... It's really something and for that I thank you.

My main artistic activity is storytelling, followed by photography. I would like to share my developments in these two art forms with you all. Kind of like chatting stuff over with a friend as things move along. I've been 'mad about stories' for some time now and having recently retired I want to really get in deep with this stuff. I am especially interested in what storytelling and storylistening can offer school students, at-risk youth, hospital and hospice clients.

The photography is a massive storytelling-tool and can say so much about relationships or solitude through simply capturing moments...

My daughter and son-in-law just got back from a week in New York City. They visited Ground Zero and were deeply moved. As a response I am re-watching the documentary movie '9/11'. What a piece of powerful, staggering film-making...!

OK folks: here in the UK it is an autumnal evening and twilight is upon us.

Take care everyone,


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Comment by Rob Marchment on September 7, 2014 at 5:49am

I want to do some 'storytelling study'. If I was flush with cash I would enrol in a place called The School of Storytelling here in the UK - but not right now! So, as a beginning I shall organise a course of my own, based on published syllabi and using my collection of resources. I shall also re-join my storytelling group to learn with others. I shall keep telling stories at a local country park to 'keep my hand in'.

This could be a busy fall!



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