Grants for Artists – Get your packages ready for submission with 15 year grant veteran Elize Hendler

Grants for Artists - Get your packages ready for submission with 15 year grant veteran Elize Hendler

Thursday February 9th, 6:30-9:30 pm, $60

To sign up email or call 718-858-9069

This workshop is to inspire and encourage us to move our current projects from whatever in-progress state they may be-  into a state of reality and movement forward. This workshop is for those who have never achieved that elusive grant award or for the artist who is stuck in the process of their current grant project and feel they cannot break into the next level.

The message of this workshop is: You can win that grant! Elize has won small to large grants and knows it can be done, no matter how far away it may seem for you at this particular moment. You just need to get out of your own way through Elize's two step process: 1) By setting simple achievable goals with a clear proposal package and 2) ensuring you are targeting the appropriate grant prospects for your work.  "Nothing is Impossible!"

By bringing your past successful grant application or your current half written packages of bio, resume, your print outs of your websites, pictures of your projects, your sketches, your ideas, or your half baked 'what-evers' that you amorphously have sketched in your mind but have not yet had the courage to try and gain funding for - we together as a group will workshop the ideas and get your projects rolling. Bring your laptop, your ipad, your lists, and your thoughts to ask a trained artist and grant writer/fund raiser your questions.

Elize Hendler has raised over 10 million in grants for non profits over the years and helped numerous artists work on their applications for funded grants. Getting a grant is as simple as asking who, what, where, when, and how. But - applying it to you and your artwork, and making a compelling argument may be a different thing for most of us sensitive creatives. Bring your grants to this workshop, and together we will get the package out the door, which is one step closer to funding you and your work.


Artist Grants Workshop Pre-Assignment: by Elize Hendler

1) Bring, in parts, pieces, or in complete packages from the past - any succesful or partly completed grant projects. This may include, bios, resumes, but especially written components of the grant, grant application questions, and printed out images (if possible) or your work, or CD of images that we can load and review in the group.

2) Bring to the class a list of grants you want to look into with printed grant application guidelines. Everyone must bring at least ONE grant application to the class to be in the class, even if it is something that is due far in the future. This class is not a theory class, it is a practical class. We will be hands on and working on this together. Residencies, shows, grants for funding - whatever you have - bring it. We will be workshopping these grant applications during the class, so bring notepads as you will want to record some of the ideas we go over in the workshop.

3) Come with an idea of what you would want to use grants funds for. It is better to have the most specific ideas possible, so come with some basics sketched out, and you will get more out of the workshop. If you can dream big, try this: make a list of your studio needs- what your dream for the next one year to five years of studio work would look like, if there were no fiscal constraints.

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