Gas crunch kinda bit me in the rear, kept me from alot of events that I was interested in. Now that things have eased up a bit I am venturing out of my hole. It's been a very rough year, God, I hope this next year is better. I am still here and alive, so there is always a future. Only ends here when they put the dirt on your box and/or put the box in the furnace. But you can always find work in the next places we will travel. Art critics are realy tough at the hot destination. Hey, but on a lighter note I will have some of my work on display at the Art House Lounge at 217 N. Second street in Harrisburg, Pa. Anyone who is in the area come by and see , will be one of many artists who have work there. Will be on the 10th of January, 2009 in the evening. Not sure of the exact hours yet.

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