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The company was Secunia, and they take Security and problem solving seriously. So, let's get down to business. And mind you, none of the following costs a dime. So, the choice and responsibility is yours and yours alone. But both small businesses and universities have already taken advantage.

In the last installment I introduced you to Qualys which requires only 4 steps hence the title of that blog. This time around, we're bolstering your security posture with a stronger Windows and Mac software and patch vulnerability manager/scanner/updater that goes further than your operating system's updater by monitoring the ever changing (software) security threat landscape.

Now, in case you're wondering: "a vulnerability scanner is a computer program designed to scan for vulnerabilities that are present within your network" or computer. And what's the point of all that?

Simply put, you want to focus on your work, watch that favorite clip or new video, or chat with your friends. However, maintaining a secure computer doesn't end with an Antivirus or Firewall. Computer criminals are all around and they depend on old insecure software on your computer to get in and exploit you. So, what you want to do is safeguard your data and computer easily with something that scans and identifies such old and insecure software needing updates. For Windows users, doesn't Windows Update take care of that? Short answer: Not really.

So let's examine results on one computer I tested. Bear in mind that when we talk about vulnerability, all that's required to successfully mount an attack against your computer is just one program, one security hole. So, no. We're not talking Grade B+ here.

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Double Click image to ZoomEnd-of-Life is therefore just as bad as "Insecure".

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We'll check on that computer's score later. But for now, we know Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) is what we want. But remember, as in the previous blog: You need Administrator privileges to successfully proceed with the install. And although most tech savvy users usually wouldn't require help at this stage (i.e., after clicking the "Come and get it" below), I'll provide some illustration so you have an idea of what to expect. So, how to get it?

○ ○ ○○ ○ ○

With Admin privileges, you're ready to install

○ ○ ○Click Next

○ ○ ○Accept the Terms


Click Next

○ ○ ○Click Next


○ ○ ○Next

○ ○ ○ Click Install

(or change the location if you want)

○ ○ ○

When it's done, you'll see a tray icon and as it quietly scans, ocassionally, you'll see status updates telling you a "new program" has been "removed", etc. You can always click on that to get more information. What you really want is the Scan Results, which you can get to from the Dash Board.

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Double Click image to ZoomNotice the Scan Results option

(on the top left)

○ ○ ○

Now, scroll back up to the top. The results you see directly below is the same computer

(after it'd been cleaned up)

○ ○ ○

Double Click image to Zoom○ ○ ○

So, how did we get here? Notice (directly above) where it says Install Solution?

And from the left Detected Version, Threat Rating, Program State?

You can either follow the Install Solution option or click

the "plus" icon next to the program of your choice

(for example Adobe Flash Player 11)

for more information on what

to do. See the Java update

example below

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Double Click image to ZoomI hope that helps

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There's always a better and stronger alternative around the corner or out there and you can expect more from me. But if you want to try a basic scan with language options, you can try the free Java-based OSI (Online Security Inspector) option from the same reputable company.

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Stay vigilant & smart. There's better security through paranoia!

Our testing shows we're spending billions on defenses that are no match for the stealthy attacks being thrown at us

today. "Pay no attention to the exploit behind the curtain" is the message from product vendors as they roll out

the next iteration of their all-powerful, dynamically updating, self-defending, threat-intelligent, risk-mitigating,

compliance-ensuring, nth-generation security technologies. Just pony up the money and the

manpower and you'll be safe from what goes bump in the night...Thing is, the pitch is less

believable these days, and the atmosphere is becoming downright hostile. I think a

lot of people will be surprised by the Linux vulnerability numbers. But it's

impossible to write perfectly secure software that's also

functional...You may not be interested in strategy,

but strategy is interested in you.


How Security Tech Is Failing Us(Follow the Dove)


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