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I once had a Russian friend and startup partner  whose utter disinterest in managing the

process unnecessarily made us losers just when we could least afford it. I  knew we were

in for a challenging day when I opened my door and there he stood, T-shirt drenched in

manly sweat I couldn't ignore. After all, this was China where even foreigners smelling

good or wearing cologne are presumed smelly from miles away. Meanwhile, I thought:

How come folks who need deodorant the most use them the least? I served him water

on ice cube ready to finesse the issue; knowing how critical presentability was, to our

agenda that day. Instead, he mildly snapped in no-nonsense mode saying: TT, right

now, I don't want talk about nothing. I am ready for presentation. We go. I give it.

That's all.” And with that heavy Russian accent and chain-smoking breath I, who

for whatever reason, wasn't particularly in a combative mood, let it go, — with

the tension in the kitchen seemingly settled. Still, as the CSO of our little big

bet project, I remained quietly uneasy. Then, upon arrival at the VC firm he

had left me in the cold about, the Chinese receptionist quickly opened the

entrance door clearly to air out the lobby apparently upon smelling one

of us. And downhill it all went as whatever she told the VC we'd come

to see was enough to make him “unavailable”, until we left. A source

code or prepared pitch/presentation is the minimum. As TD Jakes

warns above: “Learn something from a butler. Many people mess

up their destiny because they are so busy looking for important

people that they step past people who HAVE the door...” And

whatever your current business, career or personal goals the

advice applies: “Management — can you handle it? Do you

know how hard it is to manage success?...Are you praying

for a blessing that you can't manage? You're not fit to be

blessed if you can't manage the process. Manage it!” Do

so by fully involving consummate professionals you've

hired. Your dream team. And like cognitive diversity,

a high listening EQ comprise effective management

of process & people, for operational excellence—so

your mission is accomplished. And if it's marriage

or other relationship position you seek, T.D. Jakes

aptly asks: “You want a husband for what?...You

want a wife for what?” For we know: anything

you get that doesn't have a mission WILL end

up abused.” This is a fact that both divorcées

and broken-hearted victims of selfish Here-

today-gone-tomorrow lovers often attest to.

And true to character, my Russian friend

disappeared and stopped contacting me,

effectively, denying himself the chance

to review and learn from his VC firm

fail. Obsession with your views and

explanation of events is the surest

way to mismanage both strategy

execution and people dynamics

that enable success. A healthy

ego makes collaboration and

networking smooth. But if

like a rude and deceptive

ex-Chinese mentee and

startup partner I axed

your seduction skills

or people skills are

equally as poor as

the Russian guy,

who confessed

to hiring me

to help get



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