Threat Smart VII

Images HyperlinkedMy guess, IF authorized by President Obama is, such a strike could come right after Election Day.

A caller asked, “Who are America's enemies?”—during a trans-Atlantic OnPoint-BBC conversation

recently, clearly tired of hearing the reference. And although the answer unfortunately got lost

in the noise, a clear answer helps. Because it was indirectly raised by a Chinese American too,

on a Daily Show segment. A woman cross about China being branded “adversary.” Now, based

on her Chinese accent, I doubt she's from Mainland China. An important distinction. But PC or

not, competent career intelligence or strategic security officers, scholars and experts easily

put China, DPRK (North Korea), Iran, Russia, and radicalized Terror groups such as Al Qaeda

& ISIS atop any list. There's much Cyber Pearl Harbor fluff out there, with fatalistic views

on the state of security. Cyber Deterrence for career intelligence officers and Presidents

alike, remains a conundrum. But with Russia aggressively migrating malicious, Influence

Operations/CyberWarfare used against weaker nations toward the U.S, America's left

with no choice but to overtly send Russia and persistent adversaries, such as China,

a cogent and credible message. Per the Obama Administration, “proportional” re-

taliatory cyber attack, meant, as above, to publicly embarrass, deter & inform.

Likely including, instruments of leverage from the vast arsenal of U.S. power.

For those wisely questioning U.S. preparedness for certain fallout, Ukraine,

Georgia & Estonia got better following devastating Russian Cyber Attacks.

With Estonians united, Cyber Security led the way. And suffice it to say,

American national unity thanks to Donald Trump's GOP, could use some

help right about now. Because Russia, China, Iran, DPRK & Terrorists

like stupid, toxic, self-destructive partisan obstruction distracting

and dividing Americans as THEY pull ahead & hack away. Estonia

today boasts one of the best cyber defense infrastructure with

Ukraine's ICS hacks by Russia, invaluable to America. Despite

intelligence briefings, Trump remains naïve about Putin. But

be it Cyber Terrorism, EMP threat or feared consequence

of America's Cyber Deterrence 1.0, I think Bertrand was

right— “Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking,

we can get on with creating the future.” Sidelining,

and exposing Russia's hack (Putin) as he fails to in

-fluence U.S. Election 2016, via American hack,

Trump, whose own VP concedes Putin and the

Kremlin's dirty hands, in the ongoing DNC &

Clinton email hacks, dumps & Wiki-Leaks.

Ignorant of Tangible/Intangible motiva-

tions of sophisticated adversaries, in

information warfare, the GOP nom

-inee continues inviting Russia to

conduct  strategic  information

warfare and CyberOps against

the US. Same naïveté stops

the Snowdens, Googles &

Privacy & Encryption at

any price clique from

appreciating hostile

regimes & threats

they pose. That,

no matter how

friendly their

people are,


it seems,

like war

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