Failing Intelligently vs. Failing Unnecessarily

Breakthrough Ideas for March 2015


○ ○ ○Not so fast. How intelligently one fails, matters. The mindset of the entrepreneur and anyone

with a goal matters. That's why a strong case is made in this blog about the importance both

of having realistic & achievable goals; maintaining a Growth rather than Fixed Mindset and

importantly, ensuring your team isn't populated by Fixed Mindset architects. Because, that's

one reason so many SMEs fail unnecessarily. Those content with having people like them,

who love the echo feedback shouting down a well may have a whole lot going for them.

At first. But they all fail in the end because their process is flawed to begin with. Seth

Godin's blog response a day after I e-mailed him my blog/artwork was vintage Seth.

Title is Can we talk about process first? Continues: It's so tempting to get straight

to the issue, especially since you're certain that you're right...yes, you're probably

right, and yes, it's urgent, but if we can't agree on a process [as happened here,

to my Russian business partner who cared little for process] to talk about this,

we're not going to get anywhere, not for long ... If the process we've used in

the past is broken, let's fix it, because, in fact, getting that process right is

actually more urgent than the problem we've got right now.” There are a

lot of otherwise brilliant people with good business ideas ready to label

  strategy they can't grasp as “Superstition”. Or “You're philosophizing”.

And yet the legendary Zig Ziglar addresses such unhelpful arrogance

in this celebrated presentation.  Those quotes are words you hear

from people who are paying you because having tried and failed

unnecessarily several times, they solicit your counsel, although

they clearly are yet to master the art of “surrendering”. Just

as Sarah Lewis, featured in the NPR program playing here

points out, I have similarly heard protests from clients &

even a friend who recently got audibly excited when I

used the term, “let go” as I methodically peeled the

causes behind her frustration with, and inability to

achieve goals she's very passionate about. I asked

about specific timelines and deadlines directly

& indirectly associated with goals that albeit

laudable are misguided for reasons Heidi G

Halvorson & Les Brown cite. Nein. Self

-righteous pride regarding one's history

of success while refusing to extricate

oneself from comfort zones proven

to be part of a problem are signs

of a Fixed Mindset. There will

always be a friction between

execution & ambition. But

failing wisely is mastering

pragmatism and realism

the way the Einsteins

Fords & Edisons did

And it's discipline

and exposure to

the RIGORS of

such failure

that builds


○ ○ ○The Art  of  Failure  (F4)(Follow the Dove)


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