The Character of Your “Black Friends” Matter

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Principled and well-educated individuals understand, that how many “Black friends” one has is

not the point. What matters is the quality they bring. “The content”, as Martin Luther King Jr.

said “of their character”, is what matters. Is your “Black friend” your useful idiot? Or like me,

he confronts & challenges you, as he does his own family? Whatever the context? This is why

choosing the right friends, mentors, plus good judgment, matters. Ignorant, morally corrupt

stupid friends won't enlighten you as Dawkins robs others of the reference point for grasping

and upholding human worth & dignity by preaching an ethic that conveniently suits anarchy,

racial hatred, shameless White Terrorism and cultural violence à la Dylann Roof (above).

America's White supremacy problem is a European import. And in many ways, exemplified

by Vladimir Putin, à la Russian aggression in Ukraine. An even better example being Nazi

ideology à la Adolf Hitler's Germany & his infamous plan to “raise a generation of young

people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless, and cruel”. Ever ready to play

God—cunningly and/or covertly—this bigoted superiority complex/ethic considers

itself entitled to a favorable set of rules augmented by its obsession with guns &

military grade ammunition plus access to instruments of money, power, justice

—or should you be unlucky as to be Black/Hispanic/“minority”—injustice and

a Whitened Job Market. It's a discriminatory mass Black incarceration set

-up that allows Ethan Couch to get way with the murder of 4 under the

guise of “affluenza” while his Black compatriot will have been likely

imprisoned for life, placed on death row, forever tarnished on the

job market by his “criminal record”. With Disenfranchisement

laws & suppressed voter registration, racial profiling followed

by excessive force/beating that continue to psychologically

and physically traumatize many, disabling a close relative

of mine who's sadly wasting his life pursuing NYPD cops

& State troopers for planting evidence and generally

executing their duties to “Protect and Serve” in an

orgy of ignominy, culture of impunity/denial that

never seems to run out of excuses. Like closet

racist, staunch Confederate Flag supporter,

& 2016 US Presidential Candidate Senator

Lindsey Graham telling CNN “It's him...

Not the Flag”.  Plus, at a time when

unarmed Blacks are being killed by

cops left & right, aloof culturally

incompetent America thought


Great idea! What racism?

Christon Scriven failed

to connect vital dots,

because ignorance+

moral relativism

always leads to

very cavalier


for others

l i v e s

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(Follow the Dove)


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