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It is with great pleasure HMHW Magazine can present for the very first time the London College of Fashion’s stand alone MA Menswear catwalk show, which was held of the 9th January at the Former Welsh Chapel ahead of the opening of London Collection: Men
The LCF is rated among the top 50 schools of fashion in the world and has a long history and tradition of producing the future creative components to this thriving industry. Famous alumni of the past include Alek Wek. Jimmy Choo, Kisty Gallacher and Rachel Stevans.

The show features the collections of twelve students from the Fashion Design Technology Menswear course which was styled by Anders Solvsten Thomson and forms part of the LCS MA15 graduate season.

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The students from around the world on this 15 month course are selected by a panel that reflects the industry; David Hellgvist founder and buyer of Machine-A; Stavros Karelis Complex’s; Daryouse Haj Najafi and Becc Gray of Bloody Gray.  The course itself has gained a international reputation for innovation and for encouraging the students to challenge the conventions of   design to produce forward thinking menswear  beyond the catwalk and into the high street.

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The Students
Emma Fenton Villar
This collection aims to consolidate my practice as a designer and serve as a catalyst for further projects in co-creative design development as a sustainable practice. It aims to offer new solutions to the experience of personalising and co-creating garments. Wearers are offered a voice in the design process and the designer’s role strategically motivates product development without exclusive control of the final result, allowing both wearers and designers to share and create together.


Gebei He
My collection inspired by the colour and shape of Sichuan cuisine and combined with research into the Chinese mythical beast “Taotie” who is the symbol of desire.

LCFMA15_GebeiHe_59 LCFMA15_GebeiHe_63

Xuefei  Wang

The collection is about reduction and minimisation.  It is research and devilment of clothes themselves. It experiments with the possibilities of reducing the elimentsof clothes until they can no longer be improved by subtraction.

LCFMA15_XuefeiWang_21 LCFMA15_XuefeiWang_63 LCFMA15_XuefeiWang_40

Jasmine Haoyao Deng

My final collection is an outcome of integrated innovations and processes. It is inspired by traditional Peruvian Handcraft and textiles and is based around building a relationship between knitting and weaving and modern functional garments. The collection integrates traditional elements with modern design.

LCFMA15_JasmineHaoyaoDeng_32 LCFMA15_JasmineHaoyaoDeng_28 LCFMA15_JasmineHaoyaoDeng_51

Jun Zhou

The collection is titled Sensory Expression and it is about misplaced Structure and tactility. To create the collection I started with visual sensory experiences. I applied geometrical abstract colours to the fabric and materials to compose a picture on the human body.

LCFMA15_JunZhou_45 LCFMA15_JunZhou_51 LCFMA15_JunZhou_55

Thien Trang Bui

My collection ” Self Rule” is based on the philosophy of incorporating luxury into everyday lifestyle. Growing up, luxuries such as clothing or precious china were wrapped up and reserved for special occasions, In todays society however, the definition of luxury has evolved not only in terms of monetary value, but in our consumer lifestyle.

LCFMA15_ThienTrangBui_92 LCFMA15_ThienTrangBui_81 LCFMA15_ThienTrangBui_77

Roberto Antonio Slusarz Fiho

My final project is mostly about surface design and culture clash. It started as research on the silk route, traditional fabrics and embroidery techniques, and evolved from that, to  urban communication, visual pollution and torn poster walls. My aim was to use embroidery in an unconventional way, as part of the fabric itself and not just decorative.

LCFMA15_AntonioSlusarz_01 LCFMA15_AntonioSlusarz_72 LCFMA15_AntonioSlusarz_06

Ka Kui Cheng

My concept explores cultural ignorance among tourist- does our understanding of cultures increase alongside the increased amount of travelling around the globe ?. Does it necessarily broaden and deepen our knowledge of the places we visit. To what extent do people really know their destinations and cultures?.

LCFMA15_KaKuiCheng_58 LCFMA15_KaKuiCheng_82

Kitty Ng

Its called the Organic Raincoat and is inspired by ancient Asian farmers raincoats,  which were made from waterproof organic natural plant materials and a variety of handcraft techniques. The world market has already forgotten how to use natural plants to create waterproof fibres and although the project may seem low-tech, it actually includes a lot of high knitting and weaving technology.

LCFMA15_Kitty_Ng_24 LCFMA15_Kitty_Ng_38 LCFMA15_Kitty_Ng_43

Xiaoli Su

For me the most remarkable charm of design lies in the continuous trial of new experience and the transformation of it into the products. I selected intoxication as my concept due to my curiosity and excitement-seeking personality. The collection conveys freshness and is full of surprises.

LCFMA15_XiaoliSu_23 LCFMA15_XiaoliSu_26 LCFMA15_ThienTrangBui_99

Na Liu

My collection explored the subject of “Desig narratives-emotionallyrespective and anecdotal provenance to the senses” and I did this using Greek mythology “Orpheus and Eurydice” It referenced Pina Bausch 1975’s modern dance version and translated it into fashion language.

LCFMA15_NaLiu_67 LCFMA15_NaLiu_80 LCFMA15_NaLiu_70

Young Hwan Yang

I created different faces that are representative of a distinct part of an individual-each different face expresses one’s own unique identity. Especially with men, decorating the face and body with make-up, piercings, extreme hair styles and tattoos are not always welcomed in urban societies. I wanted to break away from typical stereotypes of being a man by implementing exotic and vivid features of men of the Papua New Guinean tribes.

LCFMA15_YoungHwanYang_82 LCFMA15_YoungHwanYang_05 LCFMA15_YoungHwanYang_76

This shows forms part of MA15 graduate season with the MA Womenwear catwalk show taking place on the 19th February (details to follow).

In the words of LCF

The exhibition will be open to the public and will showcase the work of photography, footwear, accessories, artefact and fashion design giving the media, industry and the public the opportunity  to be inspired by the next generation of fashion leaders. For further details please contract the LCF and mention Halfmanhalfwall magazine.

The London College of Fashion

Sheraton House

15-19 Great Chapel Street


David Coomber HMHW would like  to thank Lynsey Fox  Media Relations and Communications Manager and the press office at LCF

Styled Anders Solvsten Thomsen

Make up Andrew Gallimore and the M.A.C PRO Team

Photographs courtesy of LCF

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