Demystifying the Essence of Landscape Art

It goes without saying that the aesthetic experience is of great importance to man. Regardless of the fact whether you see a beautiful sunrise or a fine work of landscape art, the feeling of ecstasy that you experience is something that can be compared to the ultimate bliss of enlightenment. In that blissful moment, we are transported to another world. We come out of ourselves and feel that we are a part of the beauty of nature. In that particular moment, we rise above the mundane works and concerns and feel a deep sense of connecting with nature. It is this feel of harmony that landscape art aspires to bring to its viewers.

For an artist, the entire world is a reflection of the beauty of God. That is why he is able to create artworks that are permeated by visions of ideal beauty. For him, every leave, every tree and every living being is an embodiment of the awe-inspiring form of God. His brushstrokes are filled with the tenderness of admiration. No doubt, landscape art is an expression of sublime beauty. It is not that a landscape artist only depicts the beauty of nature, but he also depicts the pains and sorrows of the world, but these are seen as only ephemeral. The finest form of such art is capable of transporting its viewer to a peaceful trance, far from the perception and clamor of the material world. It is rightly said that greatest art is a boon for the troubled brow of mankind.

For ages, works of art have been considered as the greatest medium that represents a man’s devotion. In ancient times, artists would offer their piece of artworks as offerings to deities to seek their blessings. These painters did not create paintings for the sake of creating artworks or to make money, rather they considered it to be their duty to create artworks. With such an inspirational purpose, the entire act of preparing and creating art became divine.

According to many art historians, art is a great shared experience between the artist and the viewer. While the artist creates his artworks with dedication and deep emotions, the viewers prepare themselves to be sensitive and receptive. The greatest works of art do not require viewers to be well-informed about the know-hows of paintings to be able to appreciate and enjoy a landscape art. It seems that even the viewers are ready and willing to accept the message that the artist want to convey. It is believed that the ability to experience the beauty and understand the essence of artworks cannot be gained by the means of books and lectures. It is not something that can be imparted in one by the medium of study; rather, it is something that is inherent to people. Only a few chosen ones are able to understand the veiled meanings of artworks and truly appreciate their beauty. It is through deep personal development that one acquired the ability to experience the joy of beauty.

The vital principle of exceptional landscape art is not to preserve the humanity alone, but that plant life, animal life, human life and various other forms of semi-divine life are seen to be knit together into one cosmic, organic unity. This is the core function of art which the landscape artists have helped brought to the forefront. It is the perpetual wisdom which is experienced and lived in the mind and heart of the artists that they share as live experience with viewers. In his creation, a landscape artist depicts the great harmony of nature, which is a reflection of divine glory.

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