Daily Keemo. 9.1. I Am Drawing The Line Now #6

I Am Drawing The Line Now #6

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I have settled into this wonderful chair for the evening and I am hoping that the words that fall off my fingertips are better that the thoughts that are swirling around up top. The last six (or more) weeks have not been right. Where there was motivation, there is now apathy and where there is apathy there is not much else.

I am drawing the line here. I am drawing the line now.

Did I tell you that she bought me this chair? She has connections and knows people and snuck it into the house when I was away and everyone should be so lucky to write from chairs like this and without her I know I would have given up on all this long ago and it isn't just the chair but it is everything else over the years that kept the words and paints moving and it is because of her that I am drawing the line here and now and tomorrow when I awake she will be there and the apathy will be gone.

... Enjoy!

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