Daily Keemo. 11.15.11. Beauty Is Always Found In The Stillness

Beauty Is Always Found In The Stillness
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The Story
Is in the room with me.
His notes are words in a conversation that I having with myself, alone.
With Tchaikovsky.
Across the room I raise my glass to him. He says, it is all found in the number 20 in C sharp minor. I disagree and mention that all truths and self discovery are found in Sonata 14 in C sharp minor (Beethoven). It is the gentle notes and spaces where your reflection is the clearest. It is the spaces between the notes where the haunting takes place. it is the notes that bring you back to this world.
Tchaikovsky is in the room with me tonight and he motions to the black keys and then to the white ones and points out how they make no noise on their own but beauty is always found in the stillness and that there is always music with or without the keys. ...Enjoy!
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