Daily Keemo. 02.25. A Postcard From 5:00 AM

A Postcard From 5:00 AM
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My eyes opened and it was too dark to see the ceiling and I knew the alarm clock was coming soon but I silently slid out of the bed and down the stairs and felt my way through the dark to the tall desk in the corner and covererd my eyes as I turned the lamp on and I took a seat in the tall chair and the house was cold and silent and I stared at the wall and the stack of papers and thought about all the things on the other side of the alarm that I was dreading and one day these paints will take care of that and there will be no alarm and I found an old postcard from someone and smeared white paint around it and found the .03 pen and moved it around and daydreamed about a day without the alarm and this went on for a while and the postcard was complete and I turned the lamp off and silently went back upstairs and slid into bed and looking at the clock I had just enough time to close my eyes and finish dreaming...Enjoy!

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