Current Top 20 Most Influential in My Development

No. 10: Bruce Lee (李振藩)

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Apart from food, water and air, the struggle of life is the struggle for Self-Expression. And it

is impossible to really understand that affirmation unless one has consistently and unfailingly

struggled most of their life to overcome prejudice, discrimination, double standards or

just about every imaginable friction & barrier erected against his ambition and pursuit

of happiness. Wherever you have a purpose-driven dreamer, achiever or go-getter

going somewhere with their lives, you can be sure there's somebody — or if not

a small group — an elaborate cynical scheme designed and determined to block,

or build unnecessary friction & obstacles to defeat their dreams. And Bruce

Lee (李振藩) was not the only one who hated that. I do, immensely. From

the Hollywood naysayers who decided he looked “too Chinese” to be in

lead roles to the establishment that sent its best man over from Asia,

determined to expose & embarrass him as a fraud, a reminder that

that True Leadership is hard to find. Cynicism? Easily abundant.

As a boxing fan I could go about everything you saw or heard

above, and more. But that's precisely why it's there! What

I choose as takeaway (and I always encourage readers to

share) are the reinforcements, values and impeccable

work ethic he took to his grave. Lee illuminates

that all-important quality of Adaptability we've

addressed in The Art of Being Prepared plus

Individual Effectiveness/Self Development

& Self-Discipline blogs. Also a favorite:

The quality of being prolific, which

only focused, highly productive

people master. Whoever you

are, whatever your looks,

origin or beliefs, I hope

this blog inspired you

to go and be your

best self just as

Bruce was.

His Best

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