Apple Users: You're Not Immune Either

Crypto Ransomware Infection Mitigation Tips

○ ○ ○ Disconnect devices not in use. Be click averse. Email & web; Backup. Keep offline. Repeat.

Security begins and ends with you. No single software or hardware can keep you safe, as we

saw in previous blogs, and The False Sense Of Security Problem. Alarmingly, cult Apple fans,

unable to repress prejudicial impulses while commenting on Security, evangelize the Apple

marketing lie, that, Apple products are more secure. Debunked ad nauseam. Believe that

lie, and like STD education taken for granted, Ransomware infection will come knocking

unannounced. Businesses, home users, InfoSec pros & even organized (hacking) crime 

syndicates or so-called “professional” blackhat hackers forget that there really is no

such thing as perfect Security. Superb strategic Social Engineering, augmented by

highly effective technical skills plus timing, can render any hardened software,

hardware and organization vulnerable to attack any time. Hacking Team, the

security industry's most infamous “professional” hacking group learned this

the hard way. So, if you ever hear a Techie, even Security Professional,

claiming Macs & Apple OS X/iOS platform “is a more secure platform”

translate that as: “rubbish”. Or, more politely, “ideology”. The U.S.

Department of Defense (DoD) has the most to lose in overlooking

the “more secure platform” that purportedly is Apple. Perhaps.

You mean they take National Security & Critical Infrastructure

so lightly or are so incompetent that they're migrating four

million military personnel, plus devices  to Windows 10?

Ransomware's the proven new get-rich-quick scheme

for cybercriminals. 83% of extortion cyberattacks in

2015 came via Crypto-Ransomware and 44% of UK

victims pony up. Hollywood Presbyterian Medi-

cal Center lost 10days of downtime as Apple

users infected were reminded a PC/device

that isn't sufficiently locked down, fully

patched with good security including

AV/Ad-Blockers, downloading reck-

lessly from compromised sources

is 1 way to get infected. Have

 a PC/device used solely for

web browsing with data

you don't mind losing

& backup twice or

weekly to other


storage. Do

not trust

T  H  E


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FBI: “Pay” | High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (6L)○ ○ ○

○ ○ ○

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