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If you're like me, the first time you came across the quote above, you didn't understand it either.

I had to make it past 3 or so passports, plus over a decade in China before it finally became crystal clear why the late Dr. Myles Munroe (featured here and playing now) was correct in asserting that:

No one can live beyond the limits of their belief system.

In fact, in addition to Dr. Munroe's unforgettable, humorous and powerful symbolism of the Eagle and Lion, the Cheetah, which I've written about, together with almost any wisdom of the jungle is great fodder for leadership development.

A lot of people greedily crave and covet superficial status — from leadership to success, wealth, marriage, parenthood, fame, etc. — despite evidently lacking most, if not all of the core sustaining competencies and principles required to ensure and assure not just achievement of their dreams but lasting fulfillment.

Like the flawed, self-destructive highly gifted celebrity or spoiled brat discussed in Advanced Personal Leadership Series 103, their struggles and ultimate fall defined and predetermined by the limits of their belief system.

In other words, one's Sense of Significance, who they think they are, and their understanding of their purpose. And without a good grasp of those three, personal leadership doesn't successfully translate. Because you're dealing with someone who doesn't know who they are in the jungle of life, but wants big responsibilities.

Which is why “The Power of Purpose” was a breakthrough speech, sermon and presentation

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Dr. Munroe — around the 44th minute mark — first defines Purpose as: “the original intent of a thing that was in the mind of the maker of the thing.”

He then masterfully introduces and expatiates on his 7 Principles of Purpose. Namely:

God does nothing without a purpose

Nothing in life is without purpose

Not every purpose is known

Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable

If you want to know the purpose of a thing, don't ask the thing

Purpose is ONLY found in the Mind of the Maker of a thing

Purpose therefore, is the key to fulfillment.

While the above may be convenient, you do yourself a disservice if you don't invest in your own leadership development by listening and watching the free presentation above in its entirety.

You will find on Social Media especially on Twitter, hundreds of thousands of people, executives and so-called “leaders” consciously and unconsciously abusing #Leadership (i.e., the leadership hashtag).

From executives and so-called “entrepreneurs” to Social Media fame and attention addicts who like and retweet leadership image quotes and yet consistently stay silent or steer clear of some power abuse, war crimes or political/corruption tweet, their omissions reflect not only their genuine leadership attributes, but also their aptitudes and ultimately, their altitude.If all you're obsessed with is the limelight and veneer of leadership, you simply aren't a leader.

Regardless what your business card says, what your net worth is, or even if you're the President of the United States.

But you can be.

By walking yourself through the long and worthwhile journey of Self Discovery through discovery of both The Leadership Spirit and The Spirit of Leadership.

Indeed by the time you correctly discern your Sense of Significance, Followership and the 5 Baselines of Great Leadership, then at least the 5 Steps To Reaching Your Social Potential makes ethical sense.

This is why The Leadership Series comprising my Leadership Manifesto consistently attempt to crystallize by demonstration, what it takes to be a highly effective — and ethical — leader.

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