Malicious Mental Conditioning & Manipulators vs. True LeadershipIn Part 1 of Cracking The Leadership Code — which you can access simply by clicking

or tapping the image above — I prepared the table for this, and pending conversations.

A lot of people greedily crave and covet superficial status. From leadership to success,

wealth, marriage, parenthood and fame. And yet evidently, most lack core sustaining competencies and principles to ensure the achievement of their dreams afterwards,

remain a lasting success. Further, and on the flip side, long oppressed, very poor

or poorly educated people also have an internal enemy few manage to conquer.

Which is their mindset. And when Dr. Myles Munroe warns that information,

does not automatically result in transformation, he's referring to the critical

mindset “conversion” that MUST occur for life-changing results to take

place. Whether it is Black people generally, or 2017 P.R.C. (China) or

netizens and computer users the world over, the world as far as the

intelligent, successful, highly observant and well-informed leader

is concerned, is divided not just into HAVES and HAVE NOTS

but also into the easily duped and the near impossible to dupe.

For example, a closer look at who benefits from over 70% of

the Women's Diversity noise on Social Media reveals that

economically privileged folks, often silent about grossly

disturbing high profile diversity injustices, sometimes

unknowingly exploit diversity enriching themselves

as well as extensive networks. A reason Dr. Myles

Munroe — currently playing — rightly noticed:

Most people we call leaders are [just] professional

manipulators.” It's all just Social Engineering.

Read Marsha Gessen & meticulously study

Donald Trump — or Vladimir Putin's

45th US Presidency. Advanced Personal

Leadership and The Leadership Series

leverages consulting specifically cus-

tom designed to educate, equip and

enable your organization and you

personally, or loved ones avoid

& competently, positively vet

unethical  leaders, building,

attracting & crystallizing

sustainable culture of

ethical leadership; all

without sacrificing

that holy grail of

highly effective

talent. Follow

the Dove to

Part 3. Or


○ ○ ○ Understanding Social Engineering VIII

Breakthrough Ideas for January 2017 (2 of 2)




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