Compelling works of art have often been produced by the meeting of two creative minds, or as a result of one artist’s exposure to the work of another. Historically, schools of art were a breeding ground for new ideas, where artists could learn from their masters and grow from one another, bringing the large world in a little closer. To share images and ideas over distances was difficult, but expected as part of one’s training. It was simply a stepping stone to individual fame.
In the age of Flikr, FaceBook, and, artists may now share their work with the world at the touch of a button. We can choose to bridge an ocean in an instant, or to isolate our work entirely. It is entirely ours to decide. So the choice to collaborate may now be deliberate; choosing to ‘share’ can be more profound than an RSS feed, more mindful than physical proximity, and more creative than working alone. How have you combined your work, your world, and your vision with that of another artist? What have you chosen to create together? We are interested in seeing what the meeting of your creative minds has produced.
For our ‘Collaboration’ show, all entries must be the combined work of two or more artists. Please briefly indicate in your artists’ statement the nature of your collaboration, as well as a 1-2 paragraph explanation of your work.

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