Cold Email, CTA & Prospecting Success

How To Sell (Part 4)

Images HyperlinkedSelling is a coveted ultimate skill and net result of influencing, done right. Yet as seen in Part

3, everyone, from salespeople, marketers, advertisers, negotiators, politicians and lawyers to

kids & parents is in sales. Whoever you are, whatever you seek, job hunting or not, welcome!

Because you're in the cold pitching business, if a successful call, email, or if on Social Media,

tweet, private or direct message is your one-shot strategic entry point to ultimately closing.

Here, we explore the Art & Science of breaking through seemingly impenetrable corporate,

bureaucratic and social noise or barriers standing between you and prospective clients. All

you have to do, is listen, click, read, and go fine tune YOUR execution. Successful closers

are next-level thinkers who don't unnecessarily waste Closing opportunities. They know:

execution often beats formalities. Losers remain stuck on formalities. Ultimately Grant

Cardone embodies and preaches: “Everything in life is a sale and everything you want

is a commission” because sales, like inventories, are a moving target. And that is as

true for the customer as it is for suppliers, retailers, and middle men. Most people

fail, because their process is cluttered by formalities. Conversion means nothing

if you can't close before your mortgage or next car payment is due. If you can't

seamlessly communicate, or deliver value by quickly reading and adjusting to

the pace, style, demands, and even vibe of prospects, creating excitement;

knowing when to curb your own enthusiasm, you miss the train. Even a 15

second pitch, or this elevator pitch may be the wrong move. J. Gebauer

is right: “The perfect pitch is different every day.” Sometimes, as you

will see in Part 5, a Close is as simple as attracting an offer, through

specialization, unrivaled performance, customer care and word of

mouth. And if you're a startup, while there is a way to deal with

impatient investors and VCs, it's the team adept at timing and

getting buyers personas — or in politics, voters — right while

rallying them with memorable, differentiated experiences

and stories that Close. And Closing or losing on your own

terms is all about decisively ensuring that competitors

neither control your message nor can easily replicate

your unique value. Great closers like Jordan Belfort

understand the above, —knowing that: “The truth

is, selling is everything in life. You're either sell

-ing or you're failing...Before you can sell any-

thing – a product...service, an idea, a vision

–you’ve got to persuade others that you’re

worth listening to. Worth following.” You

are there to carry the room into a new

world of great promise and solutions.

By giving clients, people & voters a

powerful taste & sense of coming

attractions. You're delivering all

that, visuals/technology or not

while captivating the world's

attention with high quality

subject lines, tweets and

emails or messages that

engage prospects. The

kind that subtly says

You'd be a fool not

to engage, click,

or try this one.

As in Boxing,

master the

basics, or

you fail

○ ○ ○The Art & Science of Persuasion (X11)All Terrain Killer Closing Techniques (Masterclass IV)



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