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Digital Transformation vs. Hackers: Pros & Cons of Cloud ComputingHow The West Lost To China’s ‘Cloud Hopper’ Hackers ⬆ Images Hyperlinked

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○ ○ ○Despite the abundance of data, CxOs and IT departments sometimes don't get the memo about

the risks of Digital Transformation. And China's success breaching major Western firms is proof.

Just as exploit of SSRF in the Capital One breach highlighted the risks of Public Cloud services.

One cannot seriously discuss Cloud Computing, and disregard Cloud SecurityDigital Forensics,

and Digital Transformation. Is it possible to embrace cloud risks & win the cloud? NOT so fast.

What is cloud computing? To me, it's like OPM (other people's money) or OPR (other people's

resources) in business. The only problem being that on-demand — be it Infrastructure as a

Service (IaaS) hosting, Platform as a Service (PaaS) build/development or SaaS (Software

as a Service) consumer-driven — service is not risk-free. And likely based on a vendor's

pay-as-you-go pricing model. From Office 365 to Adobe Creative Suite, Google Apps,

Salesforce or Dropbox to name a few, SaaS is big business, popular and convenient.

Architecturally, cloud services may consist of Private (dedicated), Public (shared)

or Hybrid. That is, blended enterprise + public cloud service configuration. The

main goal particularly in the case of PaaS & IaaS being cost efficiency, agility

in product development, positioning, business competition & hence, ability

to focus on core business functions rather than maintenance, IT Admin &

in today's Cyber threatscape, Security Admin. This requires competent

and secure (Mobile) Apps delivery, Websites, Data Backup, Recovery,

content and compute power delivery together with other business

critical, even national security & other IT resources. This is why

CDNs are vital to cloud computing. And why Windows Azure &

Amazon Web Services (AWS) together with all the Financial,

CRM systems, and countless vendor services out there, run

the world via the Cloud. But despite the great benefits,

misconfiguration leads to data leaks & cyber attacks.

Data Breaches; Weak Identity, Credential & Access

Management; Insecure APIs; System & App Vulne

-rabilities; Account Hijacking & Insider Threat;

APTs; Data Loss; Insufficient Due Diligence;

Abuse & Nefarious Use of Cloud Services;

Denial of Service (Attacks); and Shared

Technology Issues are among what we

call The Treacherous 12. Essentially

Cloud Computing's top threats. So

whether you are a consumer, or

small business; entrepreneur,

or tech savvy and can build

& run a website+pen test

Cyber Resiliency alone,

keeps cybercriminals

at bay. CaaS, MaaS,

BPaaS, RaaS — all

offer risks. Tech

Data's video is


D. Hannah



Threat Smart XI | High Impact Strategic Business Sense Series (6k)




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