November 24, 2008

Contact: R. Lee Gordon
President / Co-Director
UniTee Design, Inc. / The Better Detroit Youth Movement / /
Toll Free: 888.OUR.RBG.TEES / Phone: 313.516.8384


Brooklyn, NY - As part of his mission to better reach and teach African American children, R. Lee Gordon is returning home to Brooklyn, New York, with his ethnic empowerment and youth education enterprise to “uplift our young generation.”

A social entrepreneur and founder of UniTee Design, Gordon has collaborated with dozens of non-profit, youth and community groups throughout the country, and specifically in Detroit. In 2009, he will focus on supporting and promoting a variety of New York-based youth groups including Empower Today’s Youth and The Single Parent Resource Center. He also hopes to engage and connect youth groups in New York City with similar groups in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

Gordon currently serves as a co-director for a volunteer-based non-profit, The Better Detroit Youth Movement ( that is strengthening community and youth activism, and connecting youth and community groups with Detroit students, children and teens. In 2008, the BDYM worked with thousands of children and teens, and organized and hosted powerful events including Live In Peace Art Parties, The Motor City YouthFest and The March For Detroit Youth. Gordon says his plan is to start a Greater New York Youth Movement, as well as Atlanta, Houston and Oakland movements based on the Detroit model, in the next two to three years, to build a national coalition of better youth education and education reform.

“We have all the resources among our people to improve the quality of learning and life for our children,” insists Gordon, “and if we use the power of information and value of collaboration on a broader scale, we can begin to move from fragmentation, to consolidation, to coalition, in establishing a national presence among youth and community groups, gain political clout through greater strength in greater numbers, and collectively create more options and opportunities for more children.”

Several educational initiatives developed by Gordon include F.A.M.E. (fashion, arts, music and education), “The Model Student” fashion industry career development program for high school students, a youth entrepreneurial program, and “I Can Do Anything”, a youth professional development curriculum (in partnership with Historical Inspirations).

Gordon also designs “UniTees” (custom RBG tee-shirts) to inspire African Americans of all ages, but particularly children, and to fund various youth education and enrichment programs. He sells his “products of purpose” online (, at live events, in several universities and a variety of independent retailers. Several schools and youth groups are also using “UniTees” for fundraising causes.

In 2009, Gordon is planning to launch “The RBG Evolution,” that will include new RBG designs, new colors and long-sleeved UniTees. This campaign will feature an updated release of and consist of “Models-in-UniTee” photo shoots, and spring and summer fashion shows in New York City and Atlanta. “The RBG Evolution means when there’s a revolution in education for our children,” Gordon insists, “we will create an evolution of our people and planet.”

For more information, call 888.OUR.RBG.TEES.

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