Mastering Financial Creativity in an Age of Leverage

What boggles the mind is how one comes to make $14,800 per second$888,889 per minute.

And specifically—in boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr.'s case—$2.5 million per  round. In 12 rounds

of world-class championship Boxing. Oh...And that's $2.5 million every 3 minutes. But while

we're at it,  how does a former English teacher, a laughing stock in some Internet forums I

do well to avoid, go from being millionaire founder of Alibaba Jack Ma (1.0) who wasn't

even on the Top Ten China Richest list in 2013 to billionaire founder of Alibaba Group

Holdings Ltd. Group (NYSE: BABA) Jack Ma (2.0)? China's richest man thanks to well-

publicized Alibaba IPO, —the biggest in U.S. history. Do you see a pattern here? An

artform & strong link that complements the obvious grit, work ethic, stupendous

financial creativity & genius behind superbly timed moves exceptionally shrewd

& wildly successful business maestros bring to their grind? Serial entrepreneur

and Silicon Valley mogul Jason Calacanis, a man, like billionaire Mark Cuban,

notorious for his no-nonsense temperament offers a simple yet powerful

clue: “Be Amazing, Be Everywhere, Be Real.” Why? Because we're ALL

in advertising, whether we realize it or not, in an Age of Leverage.

Like Sean Parker, who follows every rising star on Twitter before

you even hear of them; Oprah whose authenticity crescendoed

to OWN; young Steve Jobs who phoned up HP co-founder Bill

Hewlett and leveraged that relationship to go farther, what

you are doing now, is leading to your greatest moment of

leverage. Even Mayweather Jr, having attracted $68.6

billion Forbes #3 man Warren Buffett, blew his great

leveragebeing walked to the ring by The Oracle

of Omaha—a man who better encapsulates TMT,

by making a bad judgment call the billionaire,

understandably, didn't want to be associated

with. “Marketing used to be what you say.

Now, marketing is what you do...make.

How you act. The choices you make.

when you're sure no one is looking.

Can it pass the leverage test? And

if so, your kamiwaza will bring

recognition proportionate to

the grind you exert on your

financial aspirations. Just

don't blow your chance

to leverage, as Mark

Cuban and others

consistently do

to creatively

sell, sell &

Get Paid

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