Bea Hoffmüller-Hildenbrand's SCARLET AUTUMN (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)

Feuertanz (c) beadesign. Bea Hoffmüller, Freiburg-Kappel

Roter Herbst (c) beadesign. Bea Hoffmüller, Freiburg-Kappel

suchender Akt (c) beadesign. Bea hoffmüller, Freiburg-Kappel

Hongkong trifft Rom (c) beadesign. Bea Hoffmüller, Freiburg-Kappel

BEA'S SCARLET AUTUMN (Satis Shroff, Freiburg-Kappel)

Graphic elements break through
In her works of art,
Structured images that show
Tranquil and dynamic elements,
Limits and chances,
In her art.

A rhapsody of yellow, orange
Schalet hues suggest peace,
Yet her painting Feuertanz
In dynamic rouge,
Glows and you feel the warmth.

Another painting in white,
A silent, serene canvas.
'I choose my titles
After the last colours
Have been added,' she says.
She uses ochre, sand and acryls.
Her images are retouched,
One painting over the other,
Creating a mysterious veil
That doesn't seem to lift.

The observer cum connoisseur
Is obliged to change the angle
Of view.
New positions,
New perspectives.
She uses her spatula,
Smears black pastels,
Making her work
Secretive and mysterious.

Outside the sun is at ten O' clock,
Throwning your shadows on the exhibits,
Akin to the highly expressive figures
Of Alberto Giacometti.
There's arresting artistry
In Bea's paintings and drawings
Graphic elements,
revealed subtly beneath colours.
Roman numbers,
Ciphers making you curious,
Beckoning you
To find the meanings
Behing the paintings.

A dialogue takes place
Between the observer
And the artist.
In Hong meet Rome,
You experience the kinetic energy
As well as the peace.

It's autumn in Freiburg,
The Black Forest is laden
With brown, green, yellow red leaves
Tossed carelessly
By the the wind.

In Rote Herbst you hear
The expressive rustling movement
Of the leaves.
In the distance looms Kaiserstuhl
With its vineyards,
The blue Vosges ranges of France,
Beyond the Rhine.

In Bea's paintings you discern
The whirling of the leaves,
Caused by the Höllentäler,
The wind from the Vale of Hell.
A storm is swirling colours:
Pink, red
Surrounded by white,
Like snow in a whiteout.

You witness the dynamics
Of colour compositions.
Bea is a lively artist,
With expressive eyes,
That strike you,
The moment you meet her.
A person with a healthy sense
Of humour.
At times she paints
Like a child,
With a certain ernestness.

Her paintings have undergone
A series of mutations,
Like in Nature,
Where metamorphosis
Of shapes and forms
Take place.
She beckons you
To 'be a sign,'
For it's her motto.
It sounds much better in German:
Zeichen setzen,
Give impulses,
Set you own impulse.

In Herbst,
Autumn in German,
She makes controlled use of the spatula,
Which brings depth.
The seasonal changes,
Her travels,
Reflections of her inner life,
The themes are innumerable.
Bea Hoffmüller-Hildenbrand,
An artist in her graphic cosmos.

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