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Facebook's and GM's new management style under CEO Mary Barra, has been on my radar a lot

lately. And Responsiveness is the reason. Whether one's talking jobs or being at the right place

at the right time, it separates the winners from losers, and their regrets. Winners take action!

Responsiveness is the habit, skill, quality, state, inclination and determination to follow up or

follow through on an issue to ensure its satisfactory resolution. A responsive person, culture,

organization and leadership is proactive, ruthlessly efficient, insanely competitive and keen

on not wasting any interaction. They stay engaged. Under-promise then pleasantly surprise

by over-delivering. They don't mismanage relationships by ignoring your email, voicemail,

or customer inquiries. Nor do they contact you only when they need help, pretending its

a random “how are you?” call only to ask favors at the end of that call. Responsiveness

is a product of accountability, which in turn is a predictor of success. The lucky break

or huge success you crave will likely come in the form of information. Leads, a hint,

an observation, feedback from a customer, a friend, a hater, a stranger. But here's

the kicker: no one ever tells you it has an expiration date. Which is precisely the

secret key — knowledge, discipline, principle, motivating factor and art — that

makes highly successful people masters of quick execution. They are masters

of opportunism. Ethical, or not. A world famous mentor of mine notoriously

turned off one of my friends when on two separate occasions, discussions

we had in e-mail — in which he wasn't helpful — informed his daily blog

the next morning. The IBM Simon was the first smartphone just as the

first ever tablet PC was invented by Microsoft. Yet, after conquering

IBM & the world, Apple acted on Bill Gates' tablet vision! As Gates

was still salivating over it. From people, business to government

one sees the same comfort with ambiguity that incrementally,

prioritizes taking massive action now, then figuring it out as

one goes along. From China's economic success to the best

innovation hubs. I was recently amused when someone at

Mashable finally figured out:  “Facebook's been making

it up all along and we're left holding the bag.” If only

smaller rival Twitter were half as agile, I tweeted. I

have learned that inflexibilitymental weakness &

ignorance of time explain why most losers have a

habit of going from a missed once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity to an endless pattern. Successful

people live in an orbit where action is king.

To meet them, allow yourself to be swept

into the seemingly intimidating chaos of

their orbit, as that's the best favor you

can do yourself. You don't want to be

a slowpoke because successful folks

find them annoying! Don't be that

slowpoke who responds late to a

complaint, text message, call,

email or missive by failing to

directly address issues you

were contacted about. If

you chat with someone

& get a business card

BEST form of thank

you is: creatively

keep in touch &

offer help. Or

don't waste


T I M E!

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