Innocence Lost at the Brooklyn Artists Gym Photographic Exhibition & Magazine Release Party by Shutterclank!

The Brooklyn Artists Gym

168 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY

December 03, 2011

Saturday Evening from 7:30-11PM

Rhia, B.A.G. Public relations


Shutterclank!, in conjunction with Brooklyn Artists Gym, presents Innocence Lost. This six artist show explores timeless images of our culture confronted by contemporary America. A lightbulb and the 10-yard- stare of a 30-year-old naval officer, a McBreakfast and air travel, all express familiar images eroded by the unstable morality and temptation, echoing the dissolving of the American foundation.

Using the traditional photographic medium artists consider the landscape of America in which we live. Their images reflect upon some of our greatest achievements and frustrations. The air is ripe with unrest, lack of hope, and destitution. The photogra- phers ask the viewer: Has there ever been an era where the American Dream was within reach?

Capturing once iconic places, now tossed aside, Joe Gerhard displays a nostalgic, vivid view of scenes we see everyday and breathes life into mundane fixtures. His large format camera takes him to once boom- ing cities that have lost their industry, left only with a shell of what they once were.

Chris Schuster surveys the delicate foundation of life, and the relationships and loves that stem from it. His conceptual style of shooting demands interaction, the viewer getting lost in textures and patterns of his work.

The enigmatic images from Melitte Buchman are portraits of ordinary, everyday objects. Her use of the nineteenth century wet-plate collodion technique produces mysterious images that hark back in time to the Civil-War Era when this was the dominant medium of photography.

Jake Reinhart takes photos of punk rock bands in cramped basements; makes portraits of upcoming models; and captures the images of the cracked concrete and shuttered businesses on Pittsburgh’s streets.

Jesse Untracht-Oakner makes his living shooting the stylized sheen of fashion photography, but uses his film camera to reveal every day Americana, creating images as far from the indulgent fashion world as possible. As a result, he provides an insight to real people, in the non-commercial world.

Kate Contakos draws the ethereal connections between desolate and decaying landscapes and the ephemeral life of dreams in her portraits, showing compassion for moments in our fleeting life.

Shutterclank! strives to promote and foster traditional photographers by cultivating relationships and collaborations through publishing and showcasing emerging and established photographers. Shutterclank! publishes a magazine twice a year. The release of latest issue celebrates the collaboration of the six artists in this gallery show.

The Brooklyn Artists Gym - 168 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY - Saturday December 03, 2011 from 7:30-11PM


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