Steven Thomas Higgins

Artist Statement- I desire, I desire things to be new, like the early American settlers as they combed across uncharted territory seeking liberty in the glory of Gods expansive landscape, I too have the ambition to discover forms of beauty that are unknown, like the distant star twinkling at the brake of dawn, innovation and progress of modern artful expression gives my heart hope to live and endure the anxiety and paranoia of existence.
I am a child of an age of confusion and terror, of anxiety and over indulgence, of fear and doubt. I am a American Artist and I suffer for my composition. Searching for a form that is as fresh as a morning flower, I have to believe in the marks I make with the faith of my own individuality. The only means of success is to discorporate my current aesthetics in hopes to find a form that is liberated from my own anticipation.
Artistic innovation is an answer to the boredom derived from the mediocrity of a consumer culture. Progress in art is eternal, like culture as it mixes and blends, time breaths evolution of a state.

Biography-Steven Thomas Higgins is a 24 year old American Artist from southern California. His ideas on aesthetics alter faster than a leaking pipe can drip. His colorfully emotional paintings and drawings are an eclectic mess of varying aesthetic principles. His attempt to overcome his own mediocrity is reflected in his fluctuating style of design; his expressions are like an orgasm squirting in a variety of directions. He has geometric abstractions, soft and sexual nude portraiture, messy landscapes, deconstructed still life’s, violent non-figurations, and expressionistic portraits. He desires to destroy and rearrange the visual image in an attempt to reach unknown forms. He believes in artistic development, innovation and the exploration of individuality in art. 

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