ARTIST CALL for 4th 100 artist exhibition

Call for Artists @ Ouchi Gallery in NY

Exhibition: 1/5/2012 - 1/29/2012


"100 Artist Exhibition"


This is the 4th "100 Artist Exhibition" at Ouchi Gallery in NY, whose aim is to join 100 artists from all over the world including NY local artists to have a phenomenal group exhibition. The theme for this exhibition is "LOVE". "LOVE" of uniting the world, one and only "LOVE", "LOVE" of connecting hearts... "LOVE" by 100 artist will be sent from NY.

1 of the 100 artists will win "Zank&Mars in NY Award," and will receive the right to hold a solo exhibition at Ouchi Gallery in 2013 for free, and will be able to join the Zank&Mars artist agency. (See for the agency info.)

For more information,please contact

Photos from the 1st “100 Artist Exhibition” (2010) :
Photos from the 2nd “100 Artist Exhibition” (Jan. 2011) :
Photos from the 3nd “100 Artist Exhibition” (Jun. 2011) :

Details & Application Guideline:

The first 100 artists who are accepted after the gallery staff review examples of their work can each exhibit one piece in the "100 Artist Exhibition."

1) Application Fee: 98 US Dollar
This fee includes:
- The labor cost of artwork installation/display and removal
- Design and print fee of the poster, 500 fliers (We will put every artist's name on it), and press kit
- Promotion of the exhibition on the gallery website
- Sending email invitation to the gallery client/visitor list
- Wine and catered food for the opening reception
- Photographing of the opening reception and the exhibition

2) About Sales of Artwork:
If your artwork is sold during the exhibition, all the profit will be yours. (The gallery will not take commission.) The price of the piece is up to you.

3)About the Shipment of Artwork:
Please drop off/send your work to the gallery by 1/4/2012. To avoid all 100 pieces arriving to the gallery in a short period of time, we might later ask each of the artists to send their work by a certain set date. (In that case, the deadline will probably be around Dec, 2011.) With your work, please send the shipment contract, which will be provided after your application is completed. The removal of all work will be conducted on 1/29/2012 from 6pm. The shipment fee will be the artist's responsibility. The removal of the work and return shipment will be done by the gallery, but the return shipment fee will be the artist's responsibility as well.

4) About the Artwork:
The size limit of the piece is up to 60cm x 60cm (15in x 15in). Sculptures can be up to 60cm in diameter. Any medium is welcome.

5) About ZANK&MARS in NY Award: 
1 of the 100 artists will win the "Zank&Mars in NY Award" based on the judgement of the gallery staff and will receive the right to have a solo exhibition at Ouchi Gallery in 2012 for free, and will be able to join the Zank&Mars artist agency. (See for the agency info.)

6)Refunding of Application Fee
The application fee will not be refunded for any reason. It will not be refunded if your work doesn't arrive to the gallery on time.
*EXCEPTION: The application fee will be refunded if your work does not arrive to the gallery due of a war, terrorism, or hijack.

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