I want to explain a complete understanding of My Latest Imagery. NONE!

Yes, I created some Imagery lately that I let my physical self complete, without any attachment to thinking or planning. In ZEN Fashion all the materials present themselves and I apply them without logic or decisive intention. The canvas is a Commercial kind afforded me by being on Sale. The paint and pigment is recycled from other artists trash bins. My intuition supplied by The drugs and alcohol I consume and company I keep as a muse. Gourmet appetizers and Exotic food available to satisfy my Guests and I. Fine wine in a bottle, not a box.

Great cheeses and sausages, kimchee, olives, crackers, and bread with some fruit and a stew cooking slowly for our afternoon lunch. If I don my beret, will I be handsome or will I seem Gay? Put some music to fill the mood on my sound system and start my palette with at least 5 coordinate colors and a load of white.

Li-quin on hand to add shine and cut drying time. Bring on the Dancing girls. I will use unusual tools for application to create texture and show direction. An Afro-Pik or a dog brush, a shaving Brush or a long spring, that I snap on the canvas. Wheels that have different thread designs and once I rode over a canvas with a bike tire that left an imprint with 1 color that I let dry, and that process repeated a dozen times with a dozen colors on a White Canvas covered in titanium white with a thick application that is let dry before the other levels and colors are applied. The Future is YOU!!! So, Go Out there and get CRAZY about your expression or lack of it. Be the first kid on your block to follow my advice and become the next Van Go or Don't Go like me who can't keep a car going. Remember you get paid when you die and all your work is worth millions. You never get to spend it, but everyone will claim to know you even if they Hate you Now at this point of Time. ALOHA

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