Does It Exist?

Amy  Webb's  fascinating pragmatism offers a great opportunity to revist the Mainland Chinese

algorithm. A cold, calculating, hard-nosed code and approach known to shamelessly skip love.

We previously discussed the beautiful Walmart employee whose older friend wasted no time

revealing to me in Chinese as she laughed at something I said/did—what precisely unclear

though I often amused them—that her friend was “looking for her future husband.” And

precisely that point, the lady in question reiterated  when I later made the mistake,

of once texting back, Be well. And call me if you need anything or want to talk.

Her curt response in Chinese? Won't be doing that. Looking for a husband right

now. A dose of cold reality, as I smilingly thought: “Oops.” Whatever tickles

your fancy, or in my case, however caring albeit preoccupied with my own

to-do-list at the time, you'll find we're all students of love. Some may be

looking for a genuine Valentine for life, a special date. Or shamelessly,

you just want to have fun while many others statistically, often are

destined for the detention camps of love & divorce. Whether by

choice, unwillingness or inability to correctly choose, trust, and

yield to gut feelings warning us about heartbreak downstream.

We've previously discussed how falling in love or marrying is

the easy bit. But staying together is the real test. So, the

the question of whether or not there is an algorithm for

love is as semantically telling, as Amy Webb's brilliant

concession. Perfectly timed to cap her TEDTalk. For

others for whom thinking alone, not Data Science,

is too much to ask, the warm and fuzzy remains,

let's face it, the only hope. We live in a world

of self-inflicted,  sometimes  justified angst.

A pacy digital era with more runners, than

there are stayers. World of Speed Dating

where self-absorption is transferable to

to marriage? “You can talk about the

ethical foundations of science,  but

you can't talk about the scientific

foundations of ethics.” As Albert

Einstein warned on the danger

of making “Science” the sole

yardstick. Data farming, in

other words may harvest

marriageable soulmate

but commitment, and

marriage   success,

are outcomes sold

separately. With

Jewish Tradition

to fallback on,

Amy Webb, I

trust though

should be


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Pressure, Marriage & Aging (Special Series) (Follow the Dove)


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