A Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painters Lament.................

      30,000 years ago cave art transformed and separated Homo-sapient Earth Residents, from all the other species that inhabit this Planet. It led to language captured in a time-binding manner, to be used as a means of explaining knowledge, methods, recipes, formulas, plans, and descriptions that would keep for Centuries.

      I am Thomas John Taylor, Lifetime Artist/Oil-Painter that  Loves to Paint “Original” Imagery. I created over 250 Large Format Images in the medium of Oil/Canvas in the last 13 years. I Live Comfortably in a Resort Hotel, in Hilo, Hawaii. Now, I want to market some of the Images over the Internet and received a Great amount of Encouragement and Interest in My work. The only thing that went wrong was, All the Interest is from people that make offers that insult me. Over a hundred Bad Checks, Counterfeit money-orders, and ridiculous offers of Trades. Numerous schemes from fictitious Galleries and Shows that require a monetary fee. I have started a web site with some images, but it doesn't seem to be working. Artistinthesun.com is my “Pink Elephant”. I have a Performance Exhibit, “Art Show From The Lava Flow”. I lay flat 60 Images that allow the visiting public to walk on and around as well as: Dance, Romance, and make Love upon. I am the first Artist to feel like this, since society has walked over me this entire time. I just want a 1 Man Show, but because I am Disabled and Elderly I have been kicked to the curb, thrown under the bus, disowned, abused, and rejected. I Love it........Collectors will Discover My Work after My Demise. They will resell, and use as collateral these projects I completed and never really see my hidden messages, or the Beauty of Expression, the Palette, or Intention of Some of My Images that reflect a position of Peace, Rainbows, and Humorous Declarations to Light Up, Dark and Dreary Places. I must have offended every Art Society, Mafia, Union, and Criminal Element to be left as an “Outsider” not worthy of attention, even though I am missing a few hundred images by dishonest siblings, lovers, schemers, dreamers, and shysters that Loved My Work. You Got to Respect Galleries that Show New Emerging Growth Talent. I am Laughing all the way to the Grave. My Life was always enhanced by My choices and I continue to see Beauty in “Art”, even though It was a “Dream” of mine to have a show in New York City, Rockefeller Center with a band playing and people Dancing the Night away, upon My Art.

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