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February: A merging of Sky and Vedic Astrology Views

We have an event filled month, beginning with Mercury appearing to go direct across our skies on February 1st. We are able to integrate the new information that came in late January and apply it to new systems, communication and efficiencies in our lives for the first week of February. Every body type, Vata, Pitta and Kapha will have very specific influences this month to assist their individual type of purpose on the planet. (See for more information on Ayurveda and your individual guide for health.)

We have a lovely waxing moon, leading to a Lunar eclipse on Feb 9th. Eclipses occur approximately every 6 months, and usually occur in pairs (new and full moons, two weeks apart from each other). The Solar eclipse was on Jan 25th landing in China. Stay in and have a nice quiet dinner at home on the eclipse. Giving to charity and doing good deeds are highly recommended on eclipses, as well as reading Sacred texts, whatever is Sacred to you.

On February 1st Venus (Shukra in Sanskrit) will hover for almost four hours after sunset. Look for Venus as it shines its brightest this year on Feb 27th, and will be to the Right of a 3 day old waxing Moon again. In Vedic astrology (which follows sidereal or astroNOMical views of our skies), Venus is considered exalted, beginning in late January. An exalted planet is able to shine its full impression onto us on Earth from this section of sky, Pisces for Venus. Venus is a planet of connection, artistry and creative expertise and creates more of a Kapha influence in our lives when it is in the devotional and watery place of Pisces, as it is now. The arts, music, and desires for comforts of the home and body are a strong influence right now. So, singing and dancing are wonderful ways to cultivate the creative forces of Venus, or a calming massage with warm oils. You can massage oils into your skin after showers to add another layer of self care. Watch your impulses and attempt to make healthy choices like picking fruit for your body instead of sweets or extra food. And notice how you are spending. Do you really need that item?

With Mars also being exalted in Capricorn this month, and visible in the pre-dawn skies crossing paths with Jupiter and Mercury at the end of February, we will be inclined to make quick decisions and act on them this month as well. Just keep an eye on impulsive tendencies and the increase in Pitta’s desire for task completion and sometimes impatience. Remember that a smile can take you a long way in this world. It will be wise to gently increase exercise, yoga and stretching in mid February when Mars comes into alignment with the eclipse patterns. Use the not so fuzzy, happy feelings that weekend, Feb 14 – 18 to clear out objects from your home, office and life and focus those energies for clarity in your life. Keep in mind compassion for other’s points of view, as the leader in all of us is inspired.

Saturn will be rising exactly opposite the Sun by mid February, and is high in the night sky by midnight. Vedic astrology recommends NOT viewing Saturn, especially in the night sky. This is a very good time to meditate if you find yourself awake at those wee hours. This is the Vata/Sattva influence on all of us, bringing contemplation and meditation as well as a desire for quiet, order and rhythm in our lives.

This packed month ends with Venus in the sky at dusk, taking us to an exciting event in March that is only visible to us once every 8 years; and it happens to be visible to us in the NorthWest United States this time around. Tune in for more information next month.

Kathleen M Whalen Individual and business advising

based in Vedic astrology


Kathleen M Whalen MS AcOm, certified Vedic astrologer

Bio: Kathleen’s love of science, health, sound, language and metaphysics has led her from a background of biochemistry (BA at UT Austin) to the practice of Acupuncture (MS AcOM Bastyr Universtity) in the Northwest and Certification as a vedic astrologer (ACVA). She now devotes her time to the practice of Vedic astrology advising individuals and businesses in conscious acts of today that cultivate successful and harmonious living. Mantras, sound healing, gem stones for health and Himalayan Salt lamps are all a part of the new and very ancient world of vibrational healing.

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