when we last left our hero [x-posted from six06.com]

i had just laid the foundation for the "bones" of the sculpture. the following day i bulked up the matches, adding texture, and securing all match ends underneath a victorian looking miniature picture frame. oh joy, how i loved the way it turned out!!

miniframes memento mori in progress memento mori in progress

enter the heart

memento mori in progress

there was a lot of struggling with color on this piece. and i still feel as if there is too much negative space on the side flanks of the topmost level. some of the metallic paint and antiquing solutions were not reacting the way i'd hoped [i may just abandon that approach all together and just use paint exclusively, though i DID like what the pennies i used to fill space between the middle and top layers did when i applied the solution. the pennies served as a nice filler since i couldn't properly gauge the thickness of the fillings between where i used both wood spools and cardboard].

enough rambling, look at these instead:

memento mori memento mori

memento mori memento mori

memento mori memento mori

memento mori


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